November 5, 2010

Caramel Apples for Halloween

"When going over to someones house always bring something sweet."

Growing up my mother always told me this line, and always tried to instill in me that bringing some kind of treat over to someones house while you were their guest was the proper thing to do.

On Halloween Scott and I went to our to our friends' Courtney and Sanford apartment for a little Halloween fun. Before we went over though, my mom and I made some quick and easy caramel apples for Scott and I to bring to the get together.

Did you make any Halloween treats this year?


  1. now, I really want to make caramel apples! My second set this that bad?!

  2. Chelsea- No way! Make those apples! They are such a yummy treat!

    James- Thank you! I think the ones you made were beautiful! xoxo

  3. These look super yummy! I love the Halloween sprinkles.

    I didn't make any Halloween treats, but my friend bought me a really cute ghost candy. It's too cute to eat :)

  4. I made some caramel apples too. Except i was lazy and got the ones that you peel off the paper and cover the apples with

  5. aw, that's cute and they look delicious!!

    you can come over to my place anytime you want ;)

  6. chelsea, these look amazing!

    all i made for halloween this year was jello shots... haha but i tried to get creative and creepy and stuck gummy worms in them. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  7. i have been meaning to make caramel apples, but i end up making caramel apple cupcakes instead. darn cupcake addiction!

  8. Oh, yum! I've never made caramel apples, but I have one waiting for me in the fridge that my boyfriend bought me. I might have to give them a try!