November 12, 2010

Cozy and Laced-Up

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Hot Toddy Scarf in Gray: c/o of Spotted Moth
Cardigan: Gap circa 2007
Shirt: Frenchi
Jeggings: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden

Monica over at Spotted Moth was kind enough to send me this beautiful cowl to style up. I was really impressed with how beautifully wrapped up the cowl was (think pretty brown tissue paper and twine), and was thrilled to find such a warm and cozy item inside of it.

I wore this outfit to class on a chilly morning and found the cowl to be super cozy.

I recently purchased these light colored jeggings from Levi's. For years, and years I have always been a dark denim kind of girl, but after having the dye from my jeans rub off onto so many shirts, shoes, and purses, I decided it was time to go with some lighter denim (with the help of Scott's encouragement). I purchased these jeggings at Urban Outfitters and already really love them. They have a little bit of stretch to them, but actually feel like real jeans.

On this particular morning I wore this cowl wrapped around my neck twice. However, later in the day when I was sitting in class, and walk to and from my other classes (inside), I found that it was more comfortable to wear the cowl hanging down, and more around my shoulders. I felt like I was wearing a cozy shawl that I could wrap my hands in.

(these lace-up boots are quickly becoming my favorite.)

This morning I plan on sipping coffee, running errands, and answering some emails.
What do you have planned for today?


  1. Cute cute cute! I love that cowl and those boots <3 I still owe you an email! My internet has been disagreeing with me lately and last night was one of those times. I'll be sending it to you today/tonight for sure! :)

  2. work, bleh. and then going in search of a new coat and a harry potter shirt for the harry potter party i'm attending this wkend! :]

  3. totally love the scarf on you, super pretty and the boots too <3

  4. i adore that cowl!!! and you make me want my blonde hair back!!

  5. Amaaazing scarf! Just the kind of thing that I would wear everyday! So cute.

  6. You have sold me on this spotted moth scarf! Eep. looks so good on you and so comfy! I love those jeggings on you too. I swear you look good in everything :)

  7. Honestly, you are my new style inspiration! You always look so polished, cozy, and comfy. Also, I am buying that scarf ASAP. :D

  8. you look GREAT chelsea. i am a big fan of cowls and that one looks amazing, lucky girl!! this whole outfit is so effortlessly amazing. you look so comfortable and great in it!! it looks like a go-to outfit, something you always feel/look good in, ya know??

  9. ooh that cowl is AMAZING:) The color is great and versatile:) and YAY for jeggings! the perfect combo of comfy and polished. love them.

  10. I've been dying to get some lace-up motorcycle boots like those, I love them! You make them look so cute, I love the outfit :]

  11. Claggie- Thank you :]

    Kristin- Sounds like fun!

    Saving- Thank you so much!

    Erin- Awh, thanks girl!

    Sarah- I seriously have to refrain myself from wearing it every day!

    Kate- Oh geez, you really are the sweetest girl :]

    Emily- Your comment totally made my day! I really hope you get it, it's such a wonderful piece!

    Miss-This outfit is for sure a go-to one! Thank you so much for the sweet comments<3

    Vintch- Thank you so much!

    Alex- Thanks so much! I'm really loving my boots :]

  12. i'm in love with your scarf! And your smile - you're soo sunny!


  13. I love your boots! So cute!

    PS - You're blog makes me smile :)