November 3, 2010

Finally Feeling like Fall

The weather in Phoenix has finally started to cool down (although I heard tomorrow is going to be unseasonably warm). This past weekend I was overwhelmingly excited when I located my misplaced favorite brown boots, and immediately felt the need to style them and go on a little adventure.

Not too far from my home is a wonderful historic neighborhood called Maple/Ash. Here they have the most wonderful old homes, pretty trees, and of course lots of college students (it's right across the street from the ASU main campus). Scott and I usually go on a walk through the neighborhood around this time of year when the weather starts to cool, and walks outside become bearable.

Knit sweater: Nordstroms Rack (two or more years ago)
Shirt: Off brand (found this summer while in Colorado)
Key necklace: Dolly and Boy
Leather purse: Vintage
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden

Button up: Levi's
Cargo pants: Levi's
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Bass

I received my beloved Steve Madden booth as a Christmas present last December, and have adored them ever since. I feel a nice pair of boots can add a little bit of polish to any outfit.

Scott made me the leather bracelet I'm wearing back in August, and the vintage purse I found at a local Saver's a few years back.

Scott's watch, as mentioned before, was an anniversary gift this year. I am proud to say that he has worn it every day since I gave it to him.

(I really think it suits him well, and the bands are interchangeable.)

Is fall in full force where you live, or is just starting to cool down?


  1. I might be moving into that neighborhood next year! I love it there!

  2. Im dying to break out my boots! Can't wait for cooler weather!

  3. So freaking adorable! I especially love that purse.

  4. I live in CA and the weather has been so bipolar (hot for a few days, cold for a few) and it's so tiresome! I just want it to pick hot or cold and stick to it! Preferably 60's. :)

    Love the outfit!

    -That Much Further West

  5. you look fantastic in blue!

    and i love the boots and bag. so cute!


  6. So cute! I LOVE those boots, they're gorgeous. Scott's outfit is very nice, too.

    This week has been so warm. But then when I get out of school or work (usually around 10pm), it's like 60 degrees so I'm cold. Blah.

  7. I love your style! And WHERE did you get your Steve Madden boots? I'm looking for some in that same color. So pretties.

  8. I wore my steve madden boots today too! Twins :]

  9. i cannot believe it is only just cooling down where you live! last, last, saturday we had our first snowfall (which thankfully melted away really quickly) and last saturday it snowed again, but wet snow! it has been awful. winter is coming with a vengeance here. oh, canada!

    you look fabulous! i love the boots.

  10. You and your boy are so incredibly cute! I love both of your fallish and pretty. Your boots are great too!

    And thanks so much girl for the feature the other day. I absolutely loved looking at it and glad your readers liked it too! <3

  11. Fall is in full force here in Portland. Everything is orange and yellow right now! I'm enjoying it while it lasts because soon the rain will come...Glad you are enjoying some cool!

  12. I love your outfit! I am looking for models for my fashion show on November 19th, if you are interested in modeling my e-mail is

  13. Erica- That would be amazing!

    Jen- Yes, cooler weather would be lovely :]

    Ashley- Thank you!

    M- I know what you mean, and thank you!

    Sylvia- Thank you!

    Cara-Mia- 60? Oh my! It hasn't gotten that cold in a few weeks now!

    Liz- I got them for Christmas last year, but they're from Nordstroms!

    Gina- Neat!

    Gabriella- Snow? Oh my!

    Kate- Thank you so much for the sweet thoughts<3 I'm so glad that you liked the interview :]

    Suki- Fall in Portland sounds amazing!

    Ashley- Thanks for the invite! I will see what I can do :]