November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween seem to come and go very quickly around here. The weather was warm, and cute costumes were out in full force. On Friday, Scott and I celebrated by going out to a Halloween party in downtown Phoenix with our friends Courtney and Sanford. Scott and I decided to be lumberjacks for Halloween and found items to wear for our "costumes" in our closets.

While waiting for Courtney and Sanford, Scott and I walked to the Phoenix Public Market to pick up some mini pumpkins for our pumpkin carving party later that night, and also to snap a few photos in front of the Westward Ho. The Westward was once a popular hotel, and was even shown in the opening scenes of the cult classic Psycho.

After making our way down to Heritage Square, a historic area in downtown, we spotted numerous people dressed in their zombie best and I felt a million chills creeping through my spine. After realizing that we got to the festival at the tail end of the zombie walk I felt a little better (zombies really creep me out).

The highlight of the festival was a candlelight tour through the Rosson Mansion, but with a long, slowly moving line, we decided to just opt for photos in front of the outside instead.

A bit blurry, but Courtney was a darling Betty Boop, and Sanford was Bret Michaels. During our time at the festival Sanford was called Bret numerous times, and Courtney was asked to take a photo with a few people. I loved their costumes!

Did I mention that our local ghostbusters were at the festival? Car and all! I heard they were the ones that guided the zombie walk.

After walking through the square for a bit, Scott and I headed to my friend (and editor) Jessica's apartment for a little pumpkin carving time.

Scott and I had big pumpkins at home, but forget to grab them before we left for the festival, so thats were the PHX public market came into play. I really loved the mini pumpkins we ended up getting, and the fact that they were super easy to carve.

A key, and a mustache man!

Here is Jessica and I. She was still in the middle of carving her pumpkin, and decided to take a photo with a piece of pumpkin that she had carved out.

On a side note, Scott also had made me a mustache to wear with my costume, but I pretty much forgot to wear it the whole night.

Here is Scott wearing it at Jessica's house:

And here's me wearing it earlier in the day:

On Sunday Scott and I spent time at Courtney and Sanford's apartment where we watched both Adam's Family movies, ate yummy pasta and candy, and passed out candy to trick or treaters.

Halloween was a lot of fun, and I'm a little sad that it's already over. There's always next year though!

What did you do for Halloween? Did you dress up? If so, what were you?


  1. I'm glad you had fun this halloween! and gaah i loove that shirt! been looking for something like that xDD

  2. You two look so cute as lumberjacks!

    Ghost Busters are always a hit! I'll never forget my senior year of high school when Brian & his friends dressed up as that. Some guy walked into our English class holding a boom box that played the theme song as they walked in. Too funny. :D