November 10, 2010

In the Mornin'

Every morning seems to be colder than the one before around this area. The chill has finally set in, and each morning has a slight sweet bitterness to it. I have finally found myself able to drink my hot coffee outside (needing it to keep me warm), and wearing a sweater out of necessity, and not just because I would rather wear a sweater than no sweater at all (even in 90 degree weather).

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Sweater: Rubbish
Shirt: Frenchi
Key necklace: Dolly and Boy
Pants: BDG
Moccs: Minnetonkas

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Sweater: Eddie Bauer
Shirt: Hanes
Pants: Quicksilver
Boat shoes: Sperry's

The light in the morning around here has been superb lately. Usually by the time I get out of class, or get done at my internship it is pitch dark or just on the verge of dark. I foresee many more morning outfit shoots in my near future.

Lately Scott has been really into bundling up as well. This sweater that he got for his birthday has an extra thick collar, almost scarf like, and keeps him extra warm. I have a feeling that sweater will be working its magic a lot this fall/winter.

I'm still really loving my new moccs. I have, and always will be a moccasins girl. I honestly could wear them each and every day. They are definitely the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own.

(Scott still really loves his Sperry's, and I foresee them getting some good use this season.)

These last few days have been kind of hectic around here. Scott has been working hard to get things ready for his big transfer to Arizona State University next semester, and I have been stressing over classes, homework, and the occasional silly thing (ya know, because I usually stress over the silly things most).

Yesterday evening Scott and I had a evening coffee and hot coco date at Coffee Bean, and watched American Pickers. Tonight after class I hope to get some coffee, pick up a few things at Target, and spend the evening watching some kind of holiday movie.

What are you plans for today? What about this evening?
-Chelsea xoxo


  1. i love that you guys both do outfit pictures! so cute!

    and holiday movie watching is exactly what i want to be doing tonight too, though with work and blogging i may not get around to it. I'm trying to put together a list of my holiday favorites, like home alone 1 & 2, you've got mail, and stepmom.

    are you guys watching more of the classics or some modern holiday favorites?

  2. Your hair is so long and beautiful! I love couple outfit posts!

  3. I love the moccasins. Very pretty (:

  4. I love your hair so much. This evening I plan to do plenty of homework, workout and SLEEP. :)

  5. Oh you look so pretty, and your hair looks perfect! It's really cute how you two lovelies do outfit posts and on this one, you guys really match <3

  6. HEY!! i saw your boo outside of ottos yesterday! i had went to cartel to get a latte & was on my way to the light rail. i was on the phone with a friend i hadn't talked to in a few months, but i wanted to say hi! & that i love your blog! :) maybe next time i'll run into you!

  7. Your hair!! So pretty. The weather had been so unbelievable!