November 6, 2010

Indie Influence

Yesterday Scott and I spent almost the entire day in downtown. One of our many stops throughout the day (promise to share more about these stops later) was Stinkweeds Record Store. This local record shop has been around for ages, and is owned buy one of the coolest ladies in town.

Scott and I went to Stinkweeds to pick up our tickets for the Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin show, and also to see if they had the most recent Neon Trees album. Generally Stinkweeds is known to carry CD's and records from almost any indie band you can think of. While there I realized that my outfit was supporting this indie influence (tweed mini-skirt and moccs? yes!), and figured it would be best to take a few shots in front of the exposed brick that lines the back side of the building.

Shirt: Target
Necklace: Vintage typewriter J charm (wish you could see it better)
Mini-skirt: Gap
Grey footless tights: c/o We Love Colors
Moccs: Minnetonkas

Sunglasses: Ray bans
Flannel: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Lacoste

Both Scott and I have been going to Stinkweeds since we were in our teen years. It was always the place to get the best music, and to see amazing bands for free (remember all the great in-store shows they used to have PHX residents?).

Scott has a leather pouch that he wears every day. It generally holds his ipod, and sometimes other little things in the tiny pocket. Over a year ago he found it at a local Goodwill and the cashier gave it to him for free because there was no price on it. This pouch has become quite the conversation starter, and almost every day Scott gets asked about it.

The other day I picked up this new pair of moccs. I've had my previous pair for almost two years now and they were pretty worn out. To me, moccs are the most comfy pair of shoes you can wear, and generally I like to wear them with everything.

This pair of Lacoste shoes is one of Scott's favorites. He got them for his birthday from me a few years ago, and has taken great care of them to keep them looking nice.

Also, I've found that I don't smile in a lot of my photos. I've figured this is pretty much a sin since I went through months of headgear (oh yes, I said it), a year of braces, and eight years of wearing my retainer (I still wear it every night). Here's to smiling more.

Do you have a favorite record shop in your area? What's it like?


  1. i live right down the street from a pretty awesome record store that has great in stores. but the BEST record store in dfw is in the middle of the metro and it is literally a warehouse. full of awesomeness! you could easily spend $300 in there on any given day.

  2. you two just look so perfect! I love your shoes <3

  3. Aw. This makes me miss my moccasins! I have almost 5 pairs back in utah! Hope you are doing well! <3

  4. I'm loving the moccasins! They look very comfy. If there is an awesome record store near my college campus, I haven't found it yet. My favorite clothing store here sells albums and stuff, but not of my taste in music. :(

  5. Kristin- That store sounds amazing!

    Saving- Awwwh, thanks love :]

    Rachael- Five pairs? Oh my! Hope you get them back soon!

    Kenoshia- Thank you! They are SOO comfy! Hope you find a neat record store soon!

  6. What a cute skirt! And you make me miss my moccs. I wore my pair all the way out, like, holes in the toes out. Maybe it's time for a new pair.

    You and your bf are just too cute. I love following your adventures!

  7. Cute tights! ;)
    My favorite record shops in Miami are Uncle Sam's Music and Sweat Records

  8. I have those Minnetonkas and they're my FAVORITE pair of shoes. So comfy.