November 30, 2010

An interview with Jill of Lune Vintage

This week I have a lovely interview with Jill of Lune Vintage. Jill owns an amazing vintage store that is currently in the midst of setting up in a new brick and mortar shop location (don't worry though, for all your non-Winnipeg dwellers, they have an online store as well). Jill also has an amazing, and unique style (think bohemian chic), and currently has a little one on the way.

Meet Jill:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
-Hi! My name is Jill, I'm 30 years old, have one son and a baby on the way in May. I married my highschool sweetheart in 2001, and I run Lune Vintage. Lune is both a mobile shop run out of a vintage 1976 Boler fiberglass camper trailer, and a local shop - open December 2010 in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?
-The Lune Blog was established almost 2 1/2 years ago. In the past year, I've become more active in curating Lune. I got turned on to blogging by my friend Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest. Before then, I had read a few fashion and design blogs, but never thought about using it as a business tool. It's become a lot more than that to me now.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your style?
-I'm a gypsy at heart, and a born and raised prairie girl. My love is always for the bohemian 1970's look, with a bit of edge.

4. I know that you're in the midst of opening a brick and mortar shop for Lune Vintage (so exciting!). Could you tell us a little bit about your new shop and business?
-This is actually the second permanent, independent store for Lune. We've operated through co-ops and vintage malls since 2005. In 2009 we opened our first Lune Vintage store for most of that year. This time around, we're incorporating our mobile trailer shop with our local shop and studio. It will serve as a place for me to create for Lune, as well as display and showcase our vintage collection.

5. What are your favorite trends for winter?
-I love that bohemian styling is in full swing. I'm especially attracted to rich velvets, capes, drippy mountins of candles in old wine bottles, and layers of gold and metals lockets and chains.

6. When you're not busy working on your shop, what else can you be found doing?
-Spending time with my family of course. My husband Todd and I are old movie lovers so we watch a lot of those. We especially love horror movies - even the bad ones (sometimes especially the bad ones). Well, I guess 'bad' is subject to interpretation. I spend a LOT of time thrifting and hunting down stock for the store, it's pretty much my main hobby too though. We also try to get crafty when we can.

7. With regards to fashion, what do you draw inspiration from?
-If I had the cash, i would probably shop almost exclusively at Free People. I love what they do. I'm also permanently enamored with the classic draped sillouettes by Halson Heritage. Of course, I can always draw inspiration from vintage pieces.

8. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?
I live in snug jeans or leggings, blank t's, and slouchy layers. I feel naked without at least a couple long chains and pendents. Plus, boots get my love all year long.

9. What does your family, and friends think about your blog?
-That's a good question! I don't think I've been asked that before. At first, I don't think they understood what I was doing, or why. By now, they're accepting of it. Most of my friends are very supportive and read the blog. My family kind of still acts like it dosen't exist. My son wants to be featured on it ALL the time though! My husband - never!

10. Do you have any advice for new bloggers out there? What about aspiring vintage lovers that just don't know where to start?
-For new bloggers - don't be intimidated by the fact that when you start blogging, it will seem like NO ONE is reading. It feels like it takes an eternity to get that first 50 or 100 followers, and after so many posts with no one commenting, it can be discouraging. Use this time to find your voice, your blogging style, and making it your own. Pay attention to what your favorite bloggers do to attract new readers, but don't try replicating their format. Find what makes you different - and let it blossom. Oh yeah, and commenting on others blogs you like and doing ad trades is a good way to get your blog out there for more to see!

-Vintage lovers, it just takes time to know what you like, and what works for you. Don't spend a lot of money right off the hop. Spend some time at thrift shops, and have fun. When you discover what you love, you'll be more confidant when purchasing through a vintage dealer or investing in a new piece.

Thank you so much Jill for doing this interview with me! Don't forget to check out Jill's blog (for extra inspiration and awesome DIY's of course) and shop!



  1. Great interview! I agree with the waiting until you find what you love part. I'm there right now. The new discoveries are always exciting!

  2. she is wonderful. [:
    i just put her website up for christmas gift ideas.


  3. Still loving these interviews! :)

  4. i love that i can count on you to introduce me to some great new blogs! thanks chelsea!

    i wander, i wonder

  5. thank you for this great interview. i have been a follower of the lovely jill and i adore everything she does and all that she brings to the table.

    so happy to find you too!! this is my first time visiting tea talk and i'm so glad that i stopped by!

    have a lovely evening

  6. Thank you for your interview, I came here because I follow Lune Vintage and you asked some really great questions. I think I'll be stopping round for tea talk more often!

  7. Ella- Thank you! And I totally agree :]

    Eva- Awwh, that's so neat! I love Jill!

    Kristine- Thank you! I'm so glad!

    Sylvia- That is seriously the sweetest complement! Thank you SO much<3

    Lindsay- Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad that you liked the interview!

    Lorna- Thank you so much! Hope you come back soon :]