November 16, 2010

An Interview with Mel of Idee Geniale

Today I have a sweet interview with Mel of Idee Geniale. Mel blogs about her daily outfits, works in the fashion industry in NYC, and has one of the most unique styles around. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
-My name is Melanie and I grew up in Canada. I moved to NY 2 years ago for my job ( i currently work in the fashion industry).

2. How long have you been blogging for, and how did you get interested in blogging?
-I've had my blog for over a year now. I got started by joining chictopia ( and from there I branched off with my own blog. It's kind of addicting!

3. How would you describe your personal style?
-Quirky, romantic and a touch of vintage

4. What does your daily routine look like? Well, these days I wake up way too late. But usually wake up, put together an outfit, and run some product in my hair. I take my outfit pics right before leaving for work. Then I work a 9-6pm. If i'm not going out for dinner with friends, I'm usually home by 7pm, get into leggings and a tee and just hangout and work on a post for the blog and catch up on blogs I follow.

5. What are your must have items for fall?
-Hats, any style from slouchy knit to felted fedoras, tights of all colors, and a good fitting coat.

6. I've read that you're usually very busy working for Kensie. What do you like to do on your time off?
-I'd love to have more time to knit! I have so many projects in the works but no time to finish them up. I also have a very tight crew of ladies that I hang out with, so tights that we started our own gang called the Downtown Dolls ( and when i'm not with them I'm checking new hangouts in Brooklyn.

7. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?
-It would definitely have to include my vintage brown Dexter boots and my denim jacket. The perfect combination. And maybe a vintage dress to complete.

8. I read that you're originally from Ottawa, ON Canada. What do you miss most about home?
-Right now it's my nephew Quinn! I do love the fact that I'm at least on the same coast as my family, since I was living in Vancouver before moving to NY. Being able to see them every few months has been so nice since I don't think I'll ever move back to Ottawa.

9. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
-I've met so many wonderful friends through blogging! I've never imagined that it would start new friendships but it has and I am so thankful. And I'm not just talking through the internet. I've actually met these ladies in real life and they're just as amazing as their blogs.

10. Do you have any advice for aspiring fashion bloggers?
-Stay true to yourself and your style.

What about someone that wants to add a few thrifted pieces to their wardrobe (you seem to always find the greatest thrifted items), but aren't sure where to start?

-I'd say keep an open mind when thrifting. I find some pretty quirky pieces but when you pair them with a basic jean short or black skirt, that crazy paisley blouse isn't going to look so costumey. Take your time to look through all the racks. You're sure to find something that suits you. I also keep in mind of what i'm looking for that day, anything from shoes to say, neutral items, that way you can focus and stay on track.


Thank you so much Mel for doing this interview with me! Be sure to check out Mel's blog, Idee Geniale, for a little peek into her world.



  1. she is one of my absolute favourite bloggers. i love her style and her hair and i think she always looks so great. i have so many of her photos saved in my 'fashion inspiration' folder! she's a doll

  2. wow. i love her style. thank you for introducing me to her and her blog!

    i love the new blog look, by the way, Chelsea! very sleek!

    stop by and check out my first-ever giveaway! i'm very excited about it. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  3. Miss- Awh, that's so neat! She's a major inspiration to me as well!

    Sylvia- Awh, thank you so much! I'm checking out your giveaway right now!

  4. Thanks so much for asking me to do this! I super appreciate it.

  5. Mel- Thank YOU for doing the interview with me! It looks great :]

  6. Aw, Mel is one of my favorite ladies. Always nice to see someone spread the love. And I'm glad she mentioned the Dolls! I'm a proud member! :)

  7. I love Mel's style! <3 she looks incredible on these photos

  8. wow, she is adorable! love your blog Chelsea, so glad I found it!


  9. I love her style!
    I'm happy to have been introduced to her blog!!

  10. Oh my goodness! She's adorable! LOVE her style!