November 24, 2010

A Little Work of Art

For Scott and I's anniversary back in October he made me two lovely pieces of art. For the last four years he has always given me a piece of his work on our anniversary, and I think it's amazing to have a piece from each year of our relationship. I truly believe each piece signifies us as a couple, and him as in individual and an artist, for each year we have been together.

The first piece is this beautiful wood-burned ampersand that now sits above my desk in our art room. It was made using re-claimed wood, white wash paint, and a wood-burning tool.

Scott and I love ampersands, and I just know this piece will look great in our home one day.

Scott also made me a lovely C & S sign.

He used re-claimed wood, white wash paint, and letters from Hobby Lobby (gold spray painted white).

For a long time now I've been eyeing vintage letters that stood for Scott and I's name, but have never seemed to end up finding ones that I completely loved. Now Scott and I have our very own sign and letters to make our future home pretty (and craft room extra personal for now).

Thank you John Scott for the lovely pieces of art. You're so good to me!


  1. beautiful pieces of art! you are lucky to have such a talented man.

  2. What a sweet, talented boyfriend you have! And that room is just lovely as well.

  3. Aw these are beautiful! I love the idea of having art that has such a personal connection <3

  4. Beautiful!
    I love ampersands, too. I'm not sure what it is about them that I find so appealing, but I have a few floating around my home, too.

  5. Ohh my goodness! That ampersand art is unbelievably amazing. You are so, so lucky to have such a wonderfully thoughtful & talented boyfriend. :)

  6. woww. so pretty. i love it & how it looks, and how you've placed everything together. loveee!

  7. oh wonderful presents you have, such amazing works <3

  8. So sweet! I am OBSESSED with that ampersand! It's wonderful! I have quite a thing for ampersands, too. :D