November 8, 2010

A Night in the City

Scott and I spent the entire evening Friday night in downtown Phoenix.

One of our first stops was a new coffee shop called Jobot.

I had the most delicious soy latte, one of the best I've had in a long time. I'm thinking that I'm already due for another one and might have to go back tomorrow on my lunch break to grab one.

After getting our coffee (Scott got a hot americano) we headed to the Grow-op where Scott is selling a few of his handmade lamps, and also wood burned wall hangings (ampersand and penguins on them, separately that is).

While at the Grow-op I completely forgot to take any photos of Scott's items on display (bad girlfriend), but did remember to snap a photo of my friend Courtney's necklace display.

After hanging out at the Grow-op for awhile we headed more toward the center of downtown to check out a local art gallery.

We ended our night with a walk to the opening of CityScape, a large shopping center in the heart of downtown that just had its grand opening, and grabbed a late dinner at Five Guys (it was packed in there).

Friday night was a pretty busy night, and the rest of the weekend Scott and I played it pretty low key. I did attend the Cookies, Coffee, and Crafts show at Bragg's Pie Factory with Courtney, and grabbed coffee and tea afterwards at Copper Star Coffee. Saturday and Sunday evening were spent working on homework with Scott.

What did you do this weekend? Did your town have a First Friday Art Walk?


  1. We have an art crawl once a month here in Nashville, but I can't remember if it's the first or last weekend of the month. I've only been once, and I really need to go back! So many affordable, unique pieces.

  2. oh I'm so glad you posted about this coffee shop, I live right down the street from it and my guy and I drove by excited about it. I'll have to go, I love their neon sign!

    I also hope you post pictures of Scott's stuff!

  3. It was good to see you at the CCC Fair. I need to try this coffee plave and see Scott's lamps and such. Silly girlfriend not taking a photo! (:

  4. ah sounds like an awesome weekend. The photos are lovely <3 I spent the weekend with the boyfie, too. But we didn;t go out since I was out with cold xD

  5. what did you get at 5 guys chelsea? i went there last summer and was in a panic because it was a burger joint. i ended up getting the veggie burger. it was decent...

  6. random story, i know, but what is a vegetarian to do? :)

  7. Mrs. Parker- You should definitely go! I bet it would be a lot of fun!

    Alny- Oh, you should for sure go! Their coffee is the best!

    Rikki- It was so good to see you as well! You should for sure check out jobot and the growop!

    Saving- Oh no! Hope you feel better!

    Liz- Oh! I've heard their veggie sandwiches are good, but I've actually only had a burger there (first burger in a long, long time). <3

  8. I love looking at pictures of you. You are SO NATURALLY pretty. Its crazy.