November 15, 2010

Phoenix Pie Social 2010

This past Saturday was the first ever Phoenix Pie Social. Scott and I have been waiting for this social for months now, and were so happy that we were able to attend. We each bought five tasting tickets, and thoroughly indulged in all the homemade pie goodness that was happening all around. We actually ended up getting there a little over an hour after the social started, and I was worried that all the pies would be gone by then, but I was so excited to see that there was still a ton of pies when we got there.

The first pie we tried was made by a celebrity chef and was a cream cheese caramel pie of sorts.

The pie was super yummy, and was a great way to start out our testing.

They were also auctioning off pies, and they all looked so good.

The second pie we tried was a basil, banana, chocolate, and marshmallow pie. I was a little weary of trying this one, but it was actually very good, and very filling.

Next was a butterscotch pie with a yummy meringue on top.

While I was eating butterscotch, Scott tried a chili pumpkin pie. Since chili and I don't mix, I just smelled the pie. My nose was burning afterwards!

Next was a cranberry apple that was probably my favorite of the whole social. Scott and I both really loved the crust.

Scott also had a piece of apple pie that he called mediocre.

Here's a little shot at one of the many pie tables. Since each piece cost one tasting ticket all you had to do was hand your ticket to the server and they would put a piece on your plate (that you had to re-use over, and over).

By this point I was SOO full, but just knew that I had to use all of my tasting tickets. I also still had this urge to try a sweet potato pie, and the raw pumpkin pie that I had heard so much about.

The sweet potato pie was pretty good, but I wasn't able to finish it. Before this I don't believe I had ever tried sweet potato pie, so I'm glad that I at least tried it.

Last up was the raw pumpkin pie that one of the girls from Butter Toast Boutique made. It was really good and I actually would love to learn to make a pie like this.

Scott had finished all his pies before me, so toward the end he was being a good sporting and sharing most of my pieces with me. Thanks love!

That same afternoon there was an arts parade going on in the same area, so Scott and I walked around a little bit, watched the Andrew Jack Jihad set, and talked with a few friends later on in the evening.

(Jobot, aka new favorite coffee shop in downtown Phoenix)

There was this amazing two-story VW bus there for the parade.

Toward the end of the afternoon this nice lady gave us these pretty sunflower pins. The theme of the night had something to do with growing, so I can where the sunflowers fit into it.

Overall, the pie social was a lot of fun, and by the end of it we were both so incredibly full. I really hope this pie social is something that turns into an annual event. Next time I would love to bake a few pies myself and bring them out for everyone to try.

Have you ever been to a pie social in your area? What's your favorite kind of pie?


  1. the pies look super awesome and yummy! o.o I am now craving for banoffee pie! I hope we have socials like this here though :<

  2. love it all, the VW bus, the pies, your shirt. too cute!

  3. I've never heard of events like this but it sounds super fun! I love love love pumpkin pie.

  4. That sounds amazing! 5 pieces of pie is a lot, but definitely worth it!!

  5. A pie social sounds right up my alley!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pie. I haven't heard of any in my area but I am definitely going to look into it! All the pies you tried sound yummy!! I want to learn to make a raw pie too!

  6. I've never even heard of a pie social until now. But I think I would absolutely LOVE to try one out. Might have to look into it ... Thanks for sharing your day! It looks like you two had so much fun (:

  7. I just discovered your blog the other day and it's so helpful! My fiance and I moved to Phoenix in February and there's so much to do here!

  8. Saving- Hope you get to have one too :]

    Hadas- Agreed!

    Erin- Thank you so much!

    Kristi- So do I! They had a ton of it there :]

    Stephanie- Five was a lot haha but so worth it!

    Sandy- They were all so good!

    Autumn- I did! Thank you :]

    Jonalynn- There is! I'm so glad that I could be of help :]