November 29, 2010

Scott's jar lamps featured on Jackalope Ranch

This morning I was informed from a lovely reader that Scott's jar lamps were featured in a blog post on Jackalope Ranch (a Phoenix culture blog produced by a local publication, The Phoenix New Times).

I am just so excited about Scott being featured and I just had to share! His lamps were included in a wish list of things that the blogger/publication would go back for.

They said, "2. Mason Jar lights by John Scott Goodson Lights made from mason jars and CFLs. Here's a bright idea: Purchase these lights for $20-$30."

Photo by: D'Aundra Wallace

To read the full post just click here.

Also, I have another blog post to come hopefully tonight. With being in Vegas, flying home last night, and sleeping past my alarm this morning I haven't been able to get everything I want down on paper (or blog), but promise that good posts are on their way!



  1. Wow! Those are really awesome, I always love the things Scott makes. Fantastic. Very cool that he was featured, too. :)

  2. Congrats to Scott! Looking forward to seeing photos from Vegas.

  3. How exciting! congrats Scott. This is such a creative and neat idea. I always drink out of mason jars, they are my favorite!! xo