November 24, 2010

Team Gryffindor

To start off, I want to say thank you to Heather and Cara over at We Love Colors. Recently I received a package from them, and was thrilled with the color selection.

I had been eying those maroon tights for quite some time now, after seeing them on Tania's blog ages ago, and was thrilled at the thought of wearing them to see Harry Potter, ya know, in support of Gryffindor.


Peace charm: Tiffany's
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shirt: Frenchi
Lion broach: Art Equals Happy Etsy shop
Skirt: Banana Republic ($12 on sale!)
Maroon tights: c/o We Love Colors
Oxfords: Steve Madden

Scott also decided to join in on the outfit fun this day, and showed off his cozy look for me.

Alpaca scarf: Gift from my momma
Jacket: Banana Republic
shirt: Hanes
Khakis: Levi's
Shoes: Bass

Since we were going to go see Harry Potter this day, I also felt compelled to wear my lion broach that I purchased on Etsy all the way from England.

This week Scott and I have been busy with school, work, meetings, and eating oatmeal (two mornings in a row!). We are both very excited for Thanksgiving, and look forward to spending time with our families.

After today, I will only have about two weeks of school (a few days in between last day of class and finals). I can't believe how fast the year has gone by, and that it's already time to start preparing for Christmas. We haven't put up our tree yet, or started Christmas shopping, but I have a feeling that will all happen this weekend (I LOVE black friday, don't think Scott does though!).

Lately this log has been a staple in our outfit posts. I blame this on the fact that it's just so convenient to take photos in the morning before we leave for school (ya know, when my hair still looks good :] ).

Oh, and I also almost fall off this log quite often. As you can see here:

This look is one of my favorites lately. Wearing it made me feel like I was in high school still, attending one of the many uniform wearing schools we have around here (except my skirt wasn't plaid, and I wasn't forced to wear a weird collared).

Scott really is loving this scarf that my mom gave him earlier this year. The only problem is that it's made out of alpaca hair and sheds like crazy!

I will leave you with a photo of my darling Jake, sporting his yoda look.

What do you have planned for Thanksgiving? Are you going Black Friday shopping?


  1. I love your outfits! They're perfect :)

  2. maroon tights are always a favorite of mine! i love that broach, too!

    hope you guys have a great thanksgiving!

    as much as i love a good sale, i can't bear the crowds on black friday! cyber monday is more my thing! :)

  3. So, I must admit I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, and I absolutely LOVE your Gryffindor outfit! It looks so genuine instead of costumey. Great idea. Hope you enjoyed the movie!

  4. wow, looooooove it :))))


  5. hey chels,
    if you're interested in one of the knitted headbands, send me an email at some reason when i click on your contact section, it immediately brings up outlook email which i do not use and therefore could not see your email address to email you!