December 27, 2010

Breakfast date at The Coffee Shop

Last week Scott and I went on a morning breakfast date to The Coffee Shop in Gilbert. I know I've blogged about this place before, but for those that are new The Coffee Shop is a cute coffee house/breakfast & lunch eatery/cupcake store that was featured on a Food Network cupcake challenge (and they won!). They have extra yummy food, and Scott and I were excited to have breakfast there.

Blueberry and almond muffin and black coffees.

Breakfast dates truly are my favorite. Breakfast at my house is usually pretty normal, Special K cereal and coffee, so I love going out for breakfast and getting a yummy meal to start the morning.

The Coffee Shop sits on the Agritopia community, and is surrounded by beautiful land, houses, and Joe's Farm Grill of course.

Scott had a breakfast burrito, and I had a bacon (rare for me), egg, and cheese sandwich.

We ate almost everything. We definitely had to take a long walk around Agritopia afterward!

We didn't end up having one of The Coffee Shop's famous cupcakes (too full), but I did snap a few pictures of them.

Do you go on breakfast dates? What do you usually order?


  1. love the coffee shop. Its right down the street from my house. And the dog park right next to it is really great.

  2. aw fun! I absolutely love coffee shops. I live in them haha. Nathan and I always go on breakfast dates. Im always getting granola soaked in apple juice with yogurt on top - my favorite!! x

  3. I love that neighborhood so much. I think it's the cutest, most quaint idea! I wish it wasn't so dang far from our apartment so I could take Ryan there. I have classmates who live in Gilbert and whenever we worked together on group projects, we hit up the Coffee Shop. SO CUTE.

  4. i love that you always find the cutest coffee shops, chelsea! makes me want to discover more in my area. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  5. I love breakfast dates! Andy and I are obsessed with this place called Tres hermanes and they make the most delicious Mexican food! So yummies <333

  6. oh my gosh...those cupcakes look AMAZING!!!! :D

  7. This look so yummy! And I love the building, the windows and exposed beams are gorgeous.

  8. Aw the place looks soooo cute! I have breakfast dates with my best friends. We use to always go to this local diner near us before finals during high school!
    By the way, that cardigan you are wearing...I love the color!!