December 29, 2010

A Cloudy Phoenix Day

Phoenix has been one cloudy place lately. I have to say though, that I don't miss the sun much. My mom and her side are from Seattle, Washington, and I've always said that that was the place for me. Every day that the sun is hidden for the day here, I take that as a test to see how I would survive actually living in Seattle. One day I think I will live there, one day.

Cardigan: JCrew
T-shirt: Eddie Bauer
Bag: Coach
Jeggings: Levi's
Boots: Cole Haan

Jacket: The North Face
Shirt: Levi's
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Fossil

The other day Scott and I were rocking some of our Christmas gifts, including new sweaters and coats, a purse, and boots. The sweater I'm wearing I actually picked out while in Colorado (because sometimes it's hard to Christmas shop when you're always together), and I really love the floral pattern on it. The boots Scott is wearing were picked out by him one day while shopping, but I surprised him with them. And the purse was a gift from my parents, and I'm honestly in love with it. There are SO many pockets in it.

My mom wanted to buy Scott this The North Face coat so he would have a nice warm coat for the chilly days we've been having in Phoenix. While shopping it was so hard not to pick up numerous other cute cold weather coats, but I had to remember that I would be going back to Arizona soon and wouldn't have such need for such a heavy, and warm coat.

I'm pretty thrilled that Scott loves his boots. I look at it from the perspective that they look good, and they also keep his ankles in check (my guy has bad ankles after accidents, and other problems because of them, sadly).

Oh, and my new riding boots where also a gift this holiday season. They are tall, good quality, and super cute-everything I wanted in a new pair of boots.

Today Scott and I have plans to check out a local restaurant that we've heard so much about, and later we're meeting up with Adrianna, owner of Le Mode Accessories, and tonight were going to one of our friend's house to see her before she heads back up to Prescott.

What are you doing today?


  1. Amazing Cardigan and bag, Chelsea! I LOve it, they're beautiful. You know, even with the clouds the sky looks blue, unlike the chicago grey. I wonder whether a seattle cloudy is also blue or grey? I've thought I could live in Seattle, too. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  2. I'm so envious of your weather in Arizona right now! I live in Utah where it's a blizzard and 0 degrees outside, and I loathe it!

  3. love that printed cardigan - such an amazing pop of color!!!!

    as for what i'm doing today, spending time with my sis and her husband! happy new year, girl!!

  4. I cute cardigan makes everything better. :)

  5. Great post and great outfit!

    I live in Seattle and you have it right, 9 months out of the year it is pretty much overcast every day.

    It can get depressing if you don't 1. love it and/or 2. have wonderful people to be around. If you have either, or both of those things it can be a great place to live. The city is amazing there are great places to go and beautiful sights to see.

    I hope you get the chance to live here someday. It's a lovely place!

  6. Love the boots! You two are adorable. =)

  7. I'm so envious of your weather in Arizona right now! I live in Utah where it's a blizzard and 0 degrees outside, and I loathe it! Suspended license