December 26, 2010

Dressing Light

Happy day after Christmas!
At this point I don't really have a run down of Scott and I's day, but here is an outfit post for you that I just adore.

Now that I'm back in the warm, Arizona winter weather, it is very possible for me to wear a light flannel and a sweater and be comfortable. After being the in freezing conditions for a week, it's nice to be able to dress "light".

Headband: MaieDae
Sweater: Rubbish
Flannel: Levi's
Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jeggings: Levi's
Boat shoes: Sperry's

Last week I purchased this cute headband from MaieDae that I had been lusting over for awhile now. I was so excited when I got it because the package that it was wrapped up in was absolutely adorable, and the headband was even more cute than I expected.

(Wearing my Tiffany's bracelet that Scott got me on our first anniversary. He's been adding charms every year!)

Lately I've really been into rocking headbands. I've always had a love for them, but my want to wear them comes and goes. I recently purchased two cute ones off of Etsy, and I'm happy to say that they've ignited my love for them once again.

Now that Christmas is over I have plans to get as much as I can during break, which includes applying for scholarships, reading, going on adventures, going on breakfast dates with Scott, getting the both of us ready for school, and all around enjoy spending time together.

What are your plans now?


  1. a) i am in love with this outfit. it is so simple and adorable!
    b) you have amazing hair. i want long hair again :(
    c) merry day after christmas to you!
    d) my EXboyfriend gave me the Blythe. EX. that adds to the creepy factor, if you ask me.. he KNOWS they scare me!
    now that i actually have one though... i can see collecting them become a bit of a hobby. a very expensive hobby.. ha:)

  2. I love this outfit!! You look so pretty girl. And I love the bracelet he got you from Tiffanys a while ago and the fact that now he just adds more bracelets, that is seriously too cute! Are these taken with your new camera? ;) Have a great day!!! x

  3. i love the "light" look, chelsea! i can't wait to go back to la and get to dress light again myself. I've had enough of the snow post white christmas. haha :)

    i wander, i wonder

  4. This outfit is too cute! You're adorable :)

  5. Cuteee outfit, as usual. I love your bag, it's wicked fantastic! I wish it would warm up a bit here so I could dress light again. :]
    My plans now are to work on a project I've got planned for 2011 and get caught up on orders. And I really want to plan a road trip sometime soon. I miss traveling so much!
    Merry Christmas love! xx.

  6. love everything about this outfit - esp. that bag!!!! you looked so relaxed and still so cute!

  7. you look so pretty :) love the outfit & the shoes!

  8. LOVE the headband on you. You look adorable! Merry Christmas!!