December 3, 2010

The End of Fall

Although fall is on the verge of being over (although it is going to be 75ish degrees today in Phoenix), I am still in love with all the fall colors. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and I'm slightly sad to see it go. However, I feel I still can celebrate it with the use of color, and this dress that I'm wearing just screams fall to me.

Cardigan: Rubbish
Dress: Tucker for Target
Charcoal knee highs: c/o We Love Colors
Oxfords: Steve Madden

I bought this dress on serious sale at Target a few weeks back. When the Tucker line came out I really wanted it, but couldn't bring myself to pay full price for it (because that's just how I am). So I waited, and sort of forgot about it, but then I saw it on sale and there was only an extra large left, but I figured I could always belt it.

For awhile now I have kind of been lusting over these knee highs from We Love Colors (who is now one of my sponsors!). I saw them on a few of my favorite fashion blogs, and I just knew that I needed a pair. I really liked the way they look with my oxfords, but definitely want to try them out with boots next time.

Earlier today I had a very rare, out-to-eat breakfast date with Scott. We went to Chompies, a local bakery/restaurant that has been around since the 70's. I grew up going to Chompies, and locally they are pretty well known. I always remember eating a cookie monster cupcake there when I was young. Oh, and not too long ago they were featured on the Food Network for their "ring around the brisket" eating challenge.

This evening Scott and I are attending Crafeteria! It is a local, indie business festival that is featuring over 40 indie business this year, and 100% handmade goods. Last year Scott and I attended and had such a great time. I'm hoping to pick up a few cute things for friends and myself tonight.

What does your Friday look like?


  1. Chelsea -

    I love this dress! It's the perfect fall orange color and you can't even tell that it's an XL. The bow belt is phenomenal, too! I need to get one.

    Crafeteria sounds so lovely! I'm going to a little holiday get together at my friend's house tonight and then a DJ set my bf's friends are playing.

    Also, I posted up an orange outfit today, too! There must be something in the air..

    Happy Weekend, Girl!

  2. oh your outfit is charming! i like how the bow belt, dress and cardigan goes so well together. lovely colors.

  3. oh what a pretty little outfit my dear. adorable, aaaaas usual! those knee socks are phenomenal. after christmas (when i have some 'me' money) i will be doing a HUGE order from we love colours.

    i hope you have fun tonight. i love craft shows :) have fun!!

  4. Gorgeous outfit, that dress is so nice :) Love your blog too, just came across it on bloglovin x

  5. I really love these colors. And I adore your belt, the bow is so cute! Have a good weekend, lovely! <3

  6. love, love this look. what a cutie you are!!!

  7. You look so gorgeous, I love these colors on you. I need something in this autumn orangey burnt color. ah!