December 4, 2010

GROWop & my guy

Last night I spent a fun filled evening in downtown Phoenix. I had dinner at Pita Jungle (a Valley favorite), shopped, talked, and took pictures at the Frances Crafeteria, and also stopped by the GROWop to show Gina all the loveliness.

Scott is still selling a few of his handmade items at the GROWop, and it was exciting to go there and see his stuff up all of the walls. There was so many people in there that night, and it was awesome to know that Scott stuff was being seen by so many.

(Scott's Ampersand wood burnings)

(Scott's penguin wood burnings)

(Scott's connected jar lamps)

I am very proud of Scott for having his handmade things on display, and on sell somewhere. The GROWop is a creative place that is being supported by wonderful artists, and the community that surrounds it. I'm am truly so proud of Scott for being a part of it.



  1. Kaelah- Thank you! We're both very excited about it :]

  2. looks like a lot of fun. i need to get myself down to GROWop

  3. Nice to see you guys last night <3

  4. Cute shop! I LOVE Scott's woodburnings, so cool. :D