December 12, 2010

Holiday Shopping Ideas

Lately I've seen quite a few things online that I think would make perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends. Here are just a few things that I've spotted:

From the top left:

What do you have your eye on this year for Christmas? Ideas for family and friends?


  1. ahhh! so cute. we were meant to meet...and shop together. ;)
    xoxo happy sunday friend

  2. That notebook is seriously adorable!

    KF x

  3. I like the infinity scarves they're showing, like your sailor one here. The faux fur boot covers I've been seeing look like a fun gift too :)

  4. Erin- Haha, I agree :]

    Kenziefaith- Agreed! LOVE the cute notebooks from Rainy Day Story!

    Claggie- Me too! :]

    Joanne- I love the infinity scarves as well!