December 7, 2010

An Interview with Kyla of

Today I have a lovely interview with Kyla of, and A Little Thistle Etsy shop. Kyla is an amazing designer, who will be starting full time with Freckled Nest in January, and is a pretty lady with great passion. She blogs around her daily life in the Canadian prairies, inspiring things, and other tidbits that are bound to make you smile. She is an absolute lovely person, and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that she is the kind of person that you just wish you could be best friends with.

Meet Kyla:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
-Hello! I'm Kyla Roma, a twenty something, day dreamy & crafty lady living in the middle of the Canadian Prairies. I'm vegetarian, tattooed, married to a very sweet man and have two terrible puppies. I knit and make jewelry, design blogs and write, and starting in January I'm going to be doing those things full time as half of Freckled Nest with Leigh-Ann Keffer!

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?
-I've been blogging since I knew what it was! I've had journal style blogs off and on since I was in junior high, but I really found my voice and focused on my passions three years ago. I love the idea of finding inspiring normal people and being able to follow them through their daily journeys. Pretty much everything about it appeals to me, it's the perfect creative outlet for me.

3. Can you tell us about your style?
-My style is all about play and balancing my two sides: minimalist & masculine with layered & feminine. One day I'll love streamlined basics, skinny jeans and boots, and the next I want to wear super short floral dresses and my oxfords. Almost all my clothes are vintage or thrifted, and I like off beat pieces that make me feel a little like I'm playing dress up.

4. You recently announced that you will be starting as a full time designer and blogger in January! Congratulations! How will this new position affect your every day life, and what are you looking forward to most about your new career?
-I can't imagine a part of my life that this won't effect! It's going to be amazing to work on my passions full time instead of cramming them into the evenings and late nights. I'm most looking forward to working with Leigh-Ann every day, she's so positive and an incredible mentor and entrepreneur. I feel incredibly lucky tand excited to learn from her.

5. What are your favorite trends for winter?
-I love giant chunky knits, raw crystal and worn metal jewelry, and the perfect pair of basic boots paired with skinny jeans. It's extremely cold in my part of Canada already, so pretty much everything I wear right now is about layers- and about putting my black mukluks on top of all my outfits so I don't freeze!

6. When you're not busy designing, blogging, and working at a cute shop, what can you be found doing?
-My creative life takes up a big chunk of my time and between blogging, designing, etsy and work I put in lots of early mornings and late nights. It doesn't leave a lot of time for hobbies- but I love to bake, thrift shop, and watch old movies. I'm a hot yoga addict, and I read constantly. I have an inspiration journal that I work on every week, I spend time goofing around with my friends, husband and dogs, and right now I'm planning my tattoos because I'm working on two 3/4 sleeves over the next year!

(from Kyla's shop)

7. With regards to fashion, what do you draw inspiration from?
-My little sister is a huge inspiration to me, she's gorgeous and extremely talented at finding and altering vintage, and she always makes me want to try harder. I really adore European street fashion, and Hel Looks is one of my favorite places to get inspired to take risks and be more playful.

8. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?
-It would be a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots, black tights and a skirt, an airy top with a cute cardigan, and a big scarf for the winter. This is pretty much my uniform when push comes to shove- only the boots aren't Jeffrey Campbell until I finish my tattoos and can diversify my investments!

9. I've read that you deal with anxiety in your daily life. Being a person in a similar situation myself, what kind of advice would you give to me, or other bloggers/readers that battle with anxiety, on how to get through the emotional states that can come and go every day?
-For anyone struggling with anxiety I would recommend living moderately first and foremost- get lots of sleep, don't have too much caffeine, and don't drink too much. Try to figure out what helps you cope- I'm married to my day planner, I make lists and write everything down, and I make time for pockets of relaxation every day. My anxiety causes fatigue, so I've learned to work in three hour bursts and then take breaks so I don't get frustrated with myself or over tired. Breathe through the mood swings, and know that they're not your fault and they'll pass. Be kind to yourself in small ways you can look forward to every day.

Most of all, talk to someone. Having someone who knows that you struggle with anxiety, and who you can vent to is amazing- and if it's interfering with your daily life, speak to a doctor. Worrying and being stressed all the time isn't normal and it's something you can get help with, you don't have to tough it out alone.

10. Do you have any advice for new bloggers out there? What about ones that are interested in design, but are not sure where to start?
-For new bloggers, the best advice I can give is keep writing and exploring! Make friends with other bloggers, reach out, and have fun finding your voice and your niche. Know that building your blog is a long term thing, so your enjoyment of it is extremely important. For new designers, keep learning! Take classes, experiment with your blog, and read as many textbooks as you can.

I think that if you keep trying things that excite you, follow their passions, and are kind and encouraging to others, you'll find your people in no time flat. It's a big internet out there :)

Thank you so much Kyla for doing this interview with me!
Don't forget to check out Kyla's blog, and Etsy shop!



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