December 1, 2010

My quick trip to Vegas + welcome sponsors

First off, I want to say welcome to all my new sponsors. All of their blogs and shops are extra lovely, and I hope you will all take the time to check out each and everyone of their pages. Lets share the blog love!

In other news, this past holiday weekend I went on a one-day trip to Las Vegas, Nevada with my parents (who were going for a business convention). I thought I would share with you a few photos from my trip, starting from the evening that we arrived there (this past Saturday).

We stayed at the Paris hotel and had a lovely view of the strip.

(yes, my eyes were super red from being so tired, but maybe not quite that red.)

(the pool that was directly below my room)

Isn't the Eiffel tower just lovely? About five years ago I went to the very top and looked over the whole city. I remember it being very pretty up there, and also freezing.

This chandelier was in the lobby of my hotel and I thought it was just lovely.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early (it's an hour earlier in Vegas than it is in Phoenix). I once again took in the view from our window.

Later that morning I had breakfast in a room on the 31st floor of the hotel. I had yogurt + granola, a chocolate croissant, fruit, and coffee.

After breakfast we headed downstairs to meet up with some of my parents friends. Being downstairs I felt like I was on the streets of Paris, roaming around in search of a coffee and a baguette.

Later on in the afternoon I went roaming around Fashion Show mall. I unfortunately didn't come home with anything, but really enjoyed look at all of their Christmas decorations.

After looking around the mall for a bit my mom and myself started to walk back toward the Paris.

Before we got to the hotel we made a stop in the famous Serendipity 3 for lunch and their frozzzen hot chocolate.

Inside they had these beautiful lamps that resembled a Tiffany lamp pattern.

I really wanted to go to this restaurant, as I had heard so much about it, but ended up finding the food mediocre, and the service a little poor. However, I did LOVE the frozzzen hot chocolate.

Very rarely do I ever eat hamburgers, but this day I made an exception and ate one with some sweet potato fries (and scoops of frozzzen hot chocolate of course).

The rest of the afternoon and evening I hung out with my mom, and go ready to head back to Phoenix on a 8 'oclock flight.

(goodbye Vegas!)

Overall, my trip was short but phone. I am hoping to go back in January, this time with Scott by my side, and I have big plans to finally meet Vanessa.

Did you do anything fun over the holiday weekend? Have you ever been to Vegas before?


  1. My grandma and grandpa on my mom's side and a few random aunts and uncles always go to Vegas for Thanksgiving. We don't get together because everyone knows Thanksgiving is a gambling holiday according to my mom.

    It looks like you had a fabulous time :D

  2. How fun! I still have not yet been to Vegas :(

  3. Aw, I'm sad you didn't like Serendipity! Ravi still talks about their sweet potato fries, haha! I'm glad you had a lovely time, though! The view from Paris was so lovely! I wish we had been more towards the middle of the strip, but I still liked where we stayed!

  4. i like when you smile a real smile (with your teeth) you look so much happier like that :) and that's a good thing!

    i've been to vegas. i was 12 and i went with my mum, dad & brother and it was a lot of fun (even though i was only 12) we stayed at the excalibur...the one that looks like a castle and it was beautiful inside. i loved walking the strip and we also went into the desert and saw the grand canyon too; so fun! i want to go back so badly.

  5. your trip and pictures look lovely!

    i havent been to vegas yet and most definitely need to go. looks like they have great decorations! :)

    i wander, i wonder

  6. oh my gosh that is so awesome!
    glad you had fun!!

  7. Love this post- I think it was serendipitous to find your blog-
    Here is my post from a few months ago if you are interested in taking a look- I think we share a sense of similar sights!

    Nice to meet you-

  8. I can't wait for you to come in January! We'll have so much fun drinking coffee and taking pictures. :) Looks like you had tons of fun and you and your Mom are SO cute<333

  9. Kelsey- My family had Thanksgiving dinner in Vegas once because it was a place to meet in the the middle for our family, and my family from Denver. It was nice, but I would rather be at home :]

    Liz- You haven't? You'll have to go sometime. I spent a lot of time there when I was younger, because of my parents' business, and have gone quite a bit as a young adult. It's a neat place!

    Stephanie- I loved the sweet potato fries as well! You guys stayed in the Paris as well? I've been there a few times, but this year we got a room with no view of the strip, so my dad requested a room change for us. It really was a lovely view.

    Carly- Awwwh, thank you! I'm kind of weird about always smiling in photos. I did go through years of orthodontic work to get them this way, but I guess that's not enough of a reason for me haha. Oh, and sounds like you had fun! I've been to the Excalibur a few times. Oh, and the Grand Canyon too! So pretty.

    Sylvia- Their decorations are my absolute favorite part! They had some great ones in the hotels, and the mall. Hope you get to go to Vegas soon!

    Chelsea- Thank you girl :] I had a very nice time!

    Ren- Awwh, thank you! It looks like we most certainly did! Thanks for saying hello :]

    Vanessa- ECCK! I can't wait either, and thank you! Most people say we look a lot alike :]