December 15, 2010

Polar Opposities

First and foremost, I want to say that this is my first attempt at taking outfit photos by myself. I am pleased to say that I think it worked out fairly well, but I definitely missed my lovely photographer.

Anyways, yesterday afternoon was chilly, overcast, and all kinds of beautiful. The snow kept my toes cold, but made for an amazing backdrop for all of my photos. In Phoenix I never have the chance to get a full winter experience, and I would have to say yesterday definitely made up for the lack of cooler weather we've been experiencing at home. By the way, I now officially love the snow and all the nostalgia it brings!

Jacket: Banana Republic
Scarf: Gift from my mom
Brown cardigan: Target
Blue shirt: Levi's
Multi-color warm socks: Target
Boots: BP

I took these photos on the side of the hotel that we are staying at for the week. The red and orange colored trees that lined the hotel were melting my heart, and were such a nice pop of color for my eyes against all the pretty white snow.

I thought this path would be the perfect place to take photos, a place where I wouldn't have to stop for passersby (or feel awkward because I was taking photos of myself), but alas, about ten people or so walked by in the beginning of my shoot. I'm pretty sure I heard an older man said he was going to try and not knock over my tripod (oh my).

(because Carly said she likes it when you can see my teeth haha)

I bought these socks before I left. They are extra thick and have proved to be a great purchase. I have a pair of solid brown ones that I am sure I will be wearing very soon as well.

I had a lot of fun playing in the snoq. I wish I had Scott there with me though. I would have thrown a huge snowball at him and made him make a snow angel with me :]

J (John Scott) heart C, of course

Today is my dad's surgery, but since are hotel is very close to the hospital I am sure I will be able to take some time and snap a few outfit photos. I definitely thinking a pair of tights, a warmer coat, and some boots are in order for this chilly day.

How do you dress for the cold?


  1. I love it! I love the outfit too. Boots are my favorite for the winter, and hats/head wraps. Love it :

  2. awww i'm so jealous of everyone's snow photos! dallas is supposed to be 78 today. hmph. no fair.

  3. Toooo cute! I'm loving those socks; I have become obsessed with wearing long socks over everything lately. Target is the best.
    I hope your dad's surgery goes well today, sweetie! XO

  4. i think you did a great job taking pics by yourself!

  5. Wow, you did a good job taking photos! Very nice outfit. Jealous you get to be in the snow for a while.

  6. you like the snow now...because you don't have almost 3.5 full months of it haha...after that, you'd tire of it, believe you me. anyway, your photos turned out great!! snow is really pretty. i tend to like it best when inside and peeking out the windows at it, hehe. i DO like it when you smile with your teeth:D you should do it more often as you have wonderful teeth! anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip m'dear!! xo.

  7. i love your socks and scarf. :)

    xx elanor

  8. I love the snow image you and John did, so cute! Nathan and I would do that all the time if there was any snow in sight!! AH! I need to find snow for my australian boyfriend. I love these photos of you though. You look so pretty even in the dead of winter when everyone is usually too FREEZING to look good in photographs.You're such a babe Chelsea!! x

  9. Elise- Thank you!

    Kristin- Hope you get some nice, cool weather soon!

    Liz- Thank you so much for the well wishes! Oh, and the socks are an obsession!

    Jen- Thank you sooo much!

    Cara-Mia- Thank you! :]

    Carly- Oh, I know I couldn't handle months of it! Being in it for a week is perfect though :]

    Elanor- Thank you very much :]

    Kate- Awwwwh, your comments always warm my heart! You are such a sweetheart! I am so happy that you are back home now and can enjoy some snow. <3333333