December 9, 2010

Simple Shades & Layering

Before Crafeteria last Friday night, Scott and I took a few photos near the new Pita Jungle building. I'm kind of obsessed with the exposed brick that surrounds the building, and thought that it was a good spot to get a few city outfit photos in (it was almost dark as well, so it was kind of our last chance really).

Cardigan: Banana Republic
Dress: Target
Navy tights: c/o We Love Colors
Bag: Orla Kiely
Oxfords: Steve Madden

Hot toddy scarf: c/o Spotted Moth
Jacket: Banana Republic
Shirt: Eddie Bauer
Shoes: Bass

It was a little chilly out this evening, but I decided to man the cold with only a cardigan on. Later in the evening, as the temperature dropped, I threw on a black hooded jacket just to give myself a little extra warmth.

For awhile now I've been lusting over these navy tights from We Love Colors. I don't have much navy in my wardrobe, but thought these tights would work great with some basic colors, and would add a pop of color to any outfit.

(you can see my vintage ring, and owl necklace from here!)

It's safe to say that simple shades, and layering were the theme of Scott and I's ensembles for the evening. I really wanted to be comfy while romping around the craft fair, and was happy with what I chose to wear. My oversized school bag was perfect for throwing flyers, and handmade purchases that we bought throughout the night in, and was also a good spot for my heavy camera.

I've had this shirt dress for a few years now and absolutely love it. I have found that it's a great layering piece, and goes with just about everything that I own. They do say that every girl should have a little black dress. Well, this is mine.

And here are just a few fun jumping shots for your viewing pleasure:

Do you have a go-to, little black dress? What is your favorite thing to pair it with? Have you found it to be versatile with layering?


  1. i have a go to little black dress but it's looking a little worn and i'd like to get a new one...nothing fancy, something similar to what i have now. i love to layer it with tights and cardigans, scarves, etc. ps: i am in love with scotts scarf, it's amazing. circle scarves are my life right now!!
    & you look adorable as per usual miss, xo

  2. Layering is the best! Cute outfit. The tights are awesome! I definitely have a go-to little black dress. I usually wear it with a lace bottomed slip underneath to add to the layers/make it more interesting. I wear tights, a cardigan and boots :)

  3. I love how the navy of your tights works with the brown of your shoes.

  4. i am all about the black dresses! i just bought two at h&m. those tights are spectacular! the color is so vibrant!

  5. Did you recently buy the black dress at Target? I am digging the pockets and need a new black dress.

  6. Carly- Thank you! Hope you find a new little black dress soon!

    Claggie- Your little black dress + accessories sounds so cute!

    Kelsey- Thank you! So do I!

    Liz- Neat! I need to check out H&M soon for some winter clothes. & thank you!

    Erica- No, I didn't unfortunately. I bought it earlier this year or last year. Sorry girl!

  7. Lovin' those We Love Colors tights SO much.

  8. you both are so adorable :) I love the brick building! and I want his scarf!


  9. You both look so great! I loveee the color of your tights - and his scarf is totally awesome. I need to now convince Brett to get a circle scarf (or wear mine once in a while!) ;)

  10. Sarah Nicole- Thank you! They're my favorite!

    Carrie- Thank you so much :]

    Chelsea Lane- Thank you!

    Tieka- Awh, thank you so much! That means a lot to me :] Hope you can get Brett in a circle scarf soon!

  11. Ah! Those blue tights are perfect! And I love your hair color.

    Kristine. Or Polly.