December 14, 2010

Snow & Cold in Vail, Colorado

Today was spent drinking coffee, walking in the snow, taking loads of photos, shopping, and working on Christmas cards. Here are a few photos from my outings today:

River that sits behind our hotel.

At breakfast, in a tiny cafe.

Coffee and Irish oatmeal.

The prettiest real wreath I've ever seen.

Can you see me?

Socks and boots.

Bridge by our hotel (wishing Scott was there so much at that moment).

What did your day look like? Was it a cold day where you are?


  1. Lovely!! How fun to be in the snow - I never have. It was warm today, as it's been all week. Doesn't feel like December should. :(

  2. So pretty! It is freezing here, cold, windy, rainy, and snowy today. It was crazy. I love your blog! :)

  3. mike has always wanted to live in colorado [and he's never even been!] it looks beautiful though :D

  4. Cara-Mia- I hope you get to visit the snow one day! It's chilly, but fun!

    Elise- Thank you! Hope tomorrow is better for you :]

    Kaelah- Awwh, that's cute! Scott really likes it here as well. He came to visit this summer and loved it! It's a very pretty place.

  5. colorado is beautiful! looks like youre having so much fun. my day was cold. very cold and very windy. -4 right now and up to 75 mph winds. i love alaska, but not today.

  6. Those pictures are just beautiful and your outfit is very chic too! You look great :)


  7. Ah, Colorado looks so gorgeous! It's definitely one of my favorite places to visit :) I'm a little jealous...even of the snow!!

  8. oh hi these are only the most beautiful photos I have ever SEEN! lloovvellly! now I want some oatmeal <3