December 18, 2010

Twilight Knits

I spent most of my day yesterday hanging out with my parents at the hospital, and also Christmas shopping with my mom. Since I was pretty busy during the morning/afternoon I had to take photos at the tail-end of the afternoon when the sun had disappeared, and the snow filled clouds were ushering in nightfall.

Knit headband: Urban Outfitters
Wool jacket: Banana Republic
Wool cardigan: Eddie Bauer
Jeggings: Levi's
Knee-high socks: Target
Boots: Uggs (purchased in 2005)

Yesterday it was absolutely freezing. I'm pretty sure it didn't get any warmer than 14 degrees during the day! It was still a beautiful day though, and the snow covered trees left me in awe time and time again.

Earlier in the day my mom purchased this cardigan for me as a Christmas present (when you're away from home and don't have time to shop alone, it's just easier to shop together and pick out something you really like). I was supposed to wait, and let my mom wrap it and put it under the tree, but I just couldn't (too cute to wait). It's made out of wool and cashmere, and is sooo cozy!

Since it was getting dark I was having a little trouble taking photos. My camera simply did not want to focus on me, and thought the background was a nice, sharper shot. This made for extra time spent trying to get in focus shots, and multiple people asking me what I was doing, and if I wanted them to take a photo of me (I'm pretty sure a group of people were laughing at me as they passed by).

This is my favorite photo of the evening though my nose is a little red from the cold.

Today I'm hoping to go for a nice walk through Vail Village, and to enjoy the snow flurries that we are having here. I also think a nice warm drink from Starbucks is in order. I've been drinking coffee from the hospital cafeteria since I've been here, so I think I'm do for a nice hot drink from an actual barista.

The snow makes me feel nostalgic, kind of how I feel when listening to Beneath the Medicine Tree by Copeland, or Set Yourself on Fire by Stars.

How does the snow make you feel? Nostalgic, or just miserable?


  1. Great shots- I love your cardigan and would have not been able to wait!
    we have no snow here in the mojave desert- but it gets cold at night.

  2. I love that sweater! so cozy and chic.

  3. Ren- Thank you! I bet it gets cold there! The desert can be a chilly place.
    Taps- Thank you sooo much :]
    Kristy- Awwh, thanks darling!