December 15, 2010

Vail Bridge

Yesterday was a snow day in Vail. When I saw the snow slowly start to fall in the morning I was overwhelmingly excited. It has been years, and years since I've seen it snow (early childhood), so it was a lot of fun to see the snow fall from the sky, and to have it kiss my cheeks.

Hat: H&M
Wool coat: Guess
Sweater dress: Kimchi Blue, Christmas present from Scott's mom a few years back
Blue shirt: unknown
Tights in rubine: c/o We Love Colors
Boots: Steve Madden

Down the road from where we are staying there is a cute bridge that goes over the river that I showed the other day. Since I've been here I've must have walked it twenty times, as it is the easiest way to get down the hill that our hotel sits on.

Throughout the day the snow came down harder, and harder. Sometimes it was to the point that I couldn't see across the street. However, I never found myself too cold. I think I will attribute this to the fact that I was wearing extra warm clothes yesterday. That coat is seriously such a lifesaver.

I had this feeling of nostalgia more than once while watching the snow fall. It was amazing to see such beautiful, delicate tiny shapes fall from the sky. The roads I walked had this special shine to it, and it almost looked like I was walking on glitter.

Did I mention that I loved being the only girl wearing rubine colored tights and a dress outside? I didn't see one girl wearing a dress and tights that day, only snow boarding gear. So to be wearing such pretty clothing in the snow made me feel good, and a little unique (Did you see that girl from Arizona wearing tights and a dress outside? She must be crazy!).

Today will be spent with my mom and dad mostly. I also hope to grab a few cups of coffee, and take some more pretty photos. I'm really enjoying going out on my own and taking photos, but still, I miss my photographer.

What does your day look like today? Have you finished Christmas shopping?


  1. I'm quite jealous of the snowfall you're receiving. In South Mississippi the weather is in the mid 70s which is perfect for bike riding, but lacks the feeling that Christmas is just a week away!
    By the way, I love those boots. I've been eyeing some of my own for quite some time ;)

  2. Haha you are one stylish girl to be wearing colored tights and a dress out in the cold! :] I'm so jealous of the snow over there, pleasee bring it over here?

  3. I neeeeeed a beanie like that!!! Maybe I'll make myself one :) You look so adorable in that snowy bliss!

  4. You are so cute!I love being the odd girl out..when everyone else is wearing something completely different and you're like 'the crazy girl from arizona!' so classic. You pull it off so well look so cute in those tights and in the snow. I woke up this morning and had a similiar feeling to yours. I got so excited because the ground was covered in freshly made I knew it was snowing while I was sleeping. This made me so excited..I havent seen snow fall for a few years now, so im just waiting by my window today for it to come back. Enjoy the rest of your visit!! I need to do so much christmas shopping today, haha, wish me luck!! x

  5. i SO wish i had some fun coloured tights for the outfit i am wearing right now. i just need to suck it up and make my first we love colours purchase. you make it hard to hold off, since you look so darn cute in them!!!

    done my christmas shopping, wahoo!! it is freezing here today, -11....eek! good thing i bought new warm mittens yesterday :)

  6. hi friend, you look so precious!! xo

  7. such a great look, chelsea!

    i love the sweater dress and those tights. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  8. I ordered those rubine tights 3 years ago or so. And I must say, they look much cuter on you! No joke. :) :) Especially with those cutie boots.