December 14, 2010

Winter on Tempe Town Lake

Before I left Phoenix for Colorado, Scott and I went on a little adventure to Tempe Town Lake. On this particular day it was very warm, the warmest it had been in weeks, and the lake looked oh so pretty in the sunlight.

Seablanket shirt: c/o Seablanket & Chemistry of Cool
Skirt: Gap
Teal knee-highs: c/o We Love Colors
Boots: BP

Flannel: Levi's
Pants: Quicksilver
Shoes: Gray TOMS

Tempe Town Lake is a man-made lake. Over the summer the dam that holds the water in broke, therefore letting all the water drain out and leaving the lake in a dry state. About a month ago they finally got water back into the lake, just in time for the Iron Man race they have there every year.

I was really excited to receive this Seablanket shirt. The sweet design was printed on an American Apparel Summer shirt, which is extra comfy and soft.

Scott and I have always talked about renting a little boat to take out on the lake. I have a feeling that this winter it will finally happen. We really want to get a boat that we have to move with feet (like a bike), and spend a few hours roaming around, taking photos and hoping to not fall in (eww).

I've had this skirt for about three or so years so and have probably only worn it two or three times. Nowadays it's on the bigger side for me, but I found that pairing it with a belt and wearing it high has made it a piece that is definitely wearable (and cute).

(I really love braids in my hair)

Since this week I am in Colorado without Scott (boo) I will be attempting to take my own outfit photos (tripod + timer). I am really hoping that I get at least a few cute shots, but I am definitely going to miss my wonderful photographer!

This morning I ventured out into the cold and the snow. I feel a walk down to one of the local cafes sometime today is a must, and a hot cup of coffee must be consumed on an hourly basis. I am also excited for my warm + cute outfit today. The scenery here is gorgeous, so I know it won't be hard to find a place to shoot a few photos.

Is it snowing where you live? Do you enjoy the snow? How do you usually dress for the cold?


  1. Super cute outfit, and I love the Seablanket shirt! <3
    And it's super cold here, so cold it's scary to talk about so i'm going to live vicariously through you instead ;)

  2. You look SOOO cute!! I love that skirt! It looks so comfy and I love the design on your tee!!
    You two look so adorable together!!!
    Happy Holidays

  3. i love this look, chelsea!

    the skirt and socks are awesome! :)

    i wander, i wonder

  4. that skirt is too cute. so is the seablanket top...annnnd everytime you do a post wearing we love colours tights it makes me want to place an order more and more (must wait til after christmas!)

    it's 100% snowing where i live. i'm in ontario and boy oh boy, is it ever cold!! -11 today...that's bitter cold! i love the snow though...last night the snow was so sparkly, it looked like i was in a snow globe walking home from work :) so pretty.

  5. I love your hair! So beautiful!

    It's cold here in New York :( I hate the cold but do enjoy the snow (as least for a few days). I guard against the snow with LAYERS. Today I had on an undershirt, lightweight sweater, and a cardigan, and that is nothing for me. Try to stay warm in Colorado! Maybe your boyfriend will have to come and thaw you out ;)

  6. i want your hair, if that's okay! mine has just STOPPED growing! eeek. <3 can't wait to go out with you and Kara when I come in January!! <3 Meoww!

  7. Aww, these pics are adorable! You two look like you have fun together!

    Found your blog via Busy Bee, now following!