December 13, 2010

Zooming by Vail, Colorado

This evening I arrived in Vail, Colorado. It was a long 10 or so hours here from Phoenix, but it feels good to finally be out of the car and in a warm hotel room that has a great view of snow covered hillsides.

Tomorrow I will be roaming around in the snow all bundled up, and hopefully with a coffee in my hand.

What is on your agenda tomorrow?


  1. ahh, pretty. There's something about having an actual WHITE Christmas! And BTW, snow and coffee go hand in hand. :)))
    p.s. tomorrow I make Christmas ornaments with 23 first graders!!

  2. Ooh Colorado! I would say it's exciting you get to travel, but first & foremost I hope your dad is okay. And bundle up, oh my gosh, it's -26 celsius in Ottawa and unbearable.

    Tomorrow I bake! And idea what to buy for anyone!


    P.s. I AM Hungarian! Haha why do you ask??

  3. Erin-I've only had a white Christmas once (in Denver with my grandparents), and usually NEVER see this much snow! Hope you had fun making ornaments :]

    Emily anne- Thank you so much for the kind thoughts<3 Oh, and about the Hungarian question, I just thought I would ask :] I love learning about a person's heritage :]

    Jazzy- Thank you :]