January 29, 2010

Busy, writing, and a pretty vintage purchase!

Just a few things to catch up on...

Lately I've been really busy with school. I'm writing two articles a week, one for my advance news writing class, and the other for my college's newspaper, and with going to events, and actually sitting down to write the articles, my time has been consumed.

Wednesday night Scott and I went to ASU West to see a performance of the musical revue "It's Only Life." The show was fun, and entertaining. I wrote a review about it and you can read it here on my paper's website.

Tonight Scott and I went to a girls varsity soccer game at a local high school (I have to write an article about it for my class). It was verrrry cold, but also kind of fun.

In other news, I bought these pretties tonight:

They are vintage 1980s Laura Biagiotti sunglasses. My aunt had the exact pair in the 80's, and my mom had the brown version of these as well. I am super excited about these glasses, as I have been wanting a pair for a long time. Now I feel like I will continue to collect them, so if you ever see any cute ones on etsy (or other places) send them my way!


-Chels xoxo

January 26, 2010

Coffee, need I say more?

Coffee time!

Last week Scott and I's friend Tyler was visiting from Portland and brought us a bag of Stumptown coffee beans (Hair Bender blend to be exact). Today we finally had the chance to grind a few beans up, and enjoy the best cup of joe that both of us have had in a longgg time. Here is what the process looked like:


This is our "Thank you so much Tyler for the coffee we love it!" face!

Lately I've been talking about hanging out at Royal at the Market by my school. Here are a few photos of the insides plus drinks so that you can get a feel for the place:

On a rainy day.
Chalk board wall!

Oh, and remember how I said I wanted to do a week of outfit photos? Well, I still want to record seven days, they just might not be in consecutive order.


Scott's new sneaks!
Ok, time for sleep!

-Chels xoxo

PS This is my new favorite spot to sit during my lunch break at school<3

January 23, 2010

Friday afternoon cafe date & an outfit photo.

  Friday afternoon Scott and I went on a mini-date to Essence bakery in Tempe. I've been wanting to go again to this place for awhile (the first time I walked out after being really confused about their coffee menu), so we decided to go there and try out their famous French macaroons.

  First of all, the place was PACKED as it was lunch time and the place is pretty small to begin with, so we decided to find a seat outside and wait for our double shot americanos and try out our macroons.

  Scott got their caramel one that everyone raves about, and I got mint chocolate chip.


  Over all, the macaroons were very good. Mine was wayyyy more sweet then Scott's, but equally as good.

  I was really excited for our americanos because I heard that they use beans from Cartel Coffee Lab, but was sadden when I received my drink and it was filled about two inches from the top (who uses that much cream? I don't even like cream) and when Scott went to ask them to put more water in it he saw that they use a at home espresso machine that is not meant for making more than one or two a day. 

  On a side note, I decided that for a week Scott and I should take outfit photos each day. Here is today's:

Hat: F2!
Shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Jeans: F21
Shoe: BP Nordstroms

Hat: Xmas present from his brother
Undershirt: Banana Republic
Plaid long-sleeve shirt: Target
Jeans: Aeropostle
Shoes: Sanuk

  Ok, time to have adventures in froth making!

  -Chels xoxo

January 21, 2010

First week back at school!

 Here I am, in my new favorite coffee shop (Royal at the Market in downtown Phoenix) enjoying a nice latte in a mug. Tuesday I started yet another semester at Arizona State University, and so far things are going well. I am only taking twelve credit hours, plus a part-time job at The State Press (my college's newspaper), but I can already tell that this semester is going to be a busy one filled with LOTS of reading and LOTS of writing, which I don't mind because I know the end (as an undergraduate that is) is in sight! 

  Also, for the few last day the weather has been gloomy, and rainy and I'm LOVING it. It literally rained ALL night last night, which kept me up quite a bit unfortuantely, and still hasn't stopped, which I am SO happy about. Hopefully the rain will stay all day long and I can use my British flag umbrella that I got in London. Did I mention that I feel more at home when it rains? What can I say, I am truly a Northwest rainy girl at heart. 

  Ok, just a few photobooth photos for you:

  First day of school:


Did I mention that I FINALLY bought a Moleskin journal? That was one of my goals for this year! Check!

  Hope you all have a lovely day!

    -Chels xoxo

January 17, 2010

Thank YOU...

  for doing all the wonderful things you do for me. I am so lucky to have someone as wonderful as you in my life. 


January 16, 2010

Oh my! Where have I been?

  This week I have been literally ALL over the place. I've been so busy with end of break plans, "Camp" State Press, working, and celebrating the birth of a very dear friend! Here is a run down of the last week:

  Monday: Scott and I took a spontaneous trip to the Superstition mountains. We drove up, around, and down parts of the mountain range, and visited a lake, two ghost towns, and a few antique stores. The area was BEAUTIFUL, and I promise to post a few of the photos that we took there asap.

  Tuesday:  Scott and I did a bit of shopping, and then went to the gym.

  Wednesday: I went to "Camp" State Press, which was an informational meeting for my college's newspaper that I am going to be a part of next semester. We had a chance to speak with SP alumni, get to know our fellow State Press'ers, and get pumped for the next semester of our paper!

  Thursday: Scott and I went to downtown Phoenix to A. pick up my books for the semester, and B. to go to Lux (new favorite coffee shop). Here is a few photos from our trip to Lux:

  Friday: Scott and I did a bit of filing for my parents at their office, had lunch at Paradise Bakery, and then I headed down to Scottsdale to do a bit of shopping with Gina (birthday girl!). A few hours later I went with Gina and a few other girls to PF Changs (mmm tofu).

  Today: I slept in, did a bit of shopping with my mom and grandma at Target (I some Kashi cereal (giving it another chance) and oatmeal!), went with Scott to buy his school books, spent time reading magazines at Barnes and Noble (I got a non-fat latte and it took away the blues that I was feeling all day), and went with my dad, and Scott to sign the two of us for memberships at Lifetime Fitness! 

  I already have a list of things to do for tomorrow (all written down in my nice new planner), and I'm thinking it's time for bed. Before I go though I would like to ask you guys for a few musical suggestions. I have an itunes gift card that I'm just itching to spend! Thanks<3


-Chels xoxo

January 14, 2010

& The Winner Is...


  CONGRATULATIONS!  I will be emailing the winner shortly! Thanks so much again to everyone who entered. It really means so much to me! Happy Thursday!


January 10, 2010

A bit of an update...

 On Wednesday Scott and I went to this amazing coffee shop called Lux that is located just a few streets down from my school in downtown Phoenix. 

  The inside was really hip looking, and filled with modern furniture.

  Whenever I go to a new coffee shop I love to get lattes the first time, just to try them out (then I usually switch to iced coffee). While at Lux I decided to get a non-fat latte. Lets just say that I was thoroughly thrilled when my cup was put up on the counter:

  Look at that foam art! It's beautiful! 

  Scott and I went to Lux with our friend Andy, however all I photographed of them was their elbows (and yummy drinks!):

  Americano, americano, non-fat latte.

  I'm kind of in love with this place and can't wait to go back! 

  In other news, I spent some time with my parents this morning/afternoon. We went to Costco, and then to Scottsdale mall for a little shopping therapy. I ended up getting these pretty ladies that I've been eyeing for quite some time:

  For lunch we ate at Pita Jungle and I had their amazing veggie chili and green iced tea.

  Around five o'clock Scott and I took my grandmother to Red Robin, and afterwards went to the gym together. After the gym we decided to go to Starbucks for some late night iced coffee and earl grey tea. Scott and I did a lot of talking about our past, present, and future and I have to say that it felt so good. I love how I always feel so in sync with him, and how he always listens to everything that I have to say. We are both in great mindsets, and I just can't wait to see what the future holds for us (although I already know a major part of it<3).

  Ok, time for sleep! Goodnight!

-Chels xoxo

January 9, 2010

Goals/Resolutions for 2010!

  Last year I made myself a note on my ipod touch and wrote down my goals/resolutions for 2009. Throughout the year I would remember that they were there and would go back occasionally to to read through them and see how I was doing with accomplishing the things on my list.

  This year I have decided to write them down here, along with my blackberry for quick reference, and would love to share them with you. They are as followed:

  • Figure out exactly when I will be graduating with my Bachelors degree (December 2010 or May 2011)
  • Go on a out-of-state trip with Scott 
  • Become a Blythe owner (soooooon<3)
  • Put money away for future home
  • Buy a Moleskin notebook
  • Become the owner of a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
  • Eat more tofu
  • Spend more time on school work
  • Become more involved at school (hoping being a writer on the schools newspaper will do this for me)
  • Make coffee at home more often
  • Journal more
  Well there you have it. What are your goals/resolutions for 2010?


(Christmas card photo 2009!)
-Chels xoxo

January 8, 2010

What's in my bag?

  What's in my bag you ask? Well I would love to show you (feeling inspired by Leigh-Ann and Katiecupcake tonight)...

  Purse= vintage Coach (1970s) giving to me as an anniversary present from Scott last year.

  Purple notebook, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (current read, giving to me by the very generous Carly<3),>

  Ipod touch, Aveda hand lotion, Special K snack bar (must always have a snack in my purse at all times), ASU ID, AMC & Sonic giftcards (Christmas presents), black pen & sharpie pen (my fav), and Whateverittakes.org pouch that was designed by Stella McCartney (I have the tote that matches).

  This was a lot of fun to put together and I think everyone should do a "What's in your bag?" post! If you do make one, please leave a comment and let me know so I can check yours out!

  Off to do some reading!

   -Chels xoxo

January 6, 2010

Vintage Pyrex collection.

  A few months ago Scott and I started collecting vintage Pyrex glassware. 

  We started out with these two cups that we found at a local Goodwill:

  Our second piece was this green loaf pan (currently holding brownies) that we found at another local thrift store:

  The next few pieces were purchased at a few different antique shops in Prescott, Arizona:

  I also bought two pieces for Scott for Christmas:

(Matches the casserole dish that we have!)

(Currently holding Christmas candy!)

  The last few pieces that we bought were purchased at a local antique mall just this week:


We also have a few Fire King pieces (very similar to Pyrex), and Corning pieces as well:

  Also, did I mention that for Christmas Scott made me these adorable Tea Talk coffee cups:

  I have a set of four right now and have plans to make more!

  Oh, and Scott also bought this cute cup, along with it's mate, and is currently using it for sipping coffee and hot coco at work:

  Don't forget to enter our giveaway!

  -Chels xoxo