February 28, 2010

Cappuccinos make the world go round.

Cappuccinos with my love on a Friday afternoon.

More to come soon. Now, time for bed.

-Chels xoxo

February 23, 2010

Reading, boba dates, and a message.

This is what my morning has looked like every day for about the last week. I've found that getting up a little early and sitting down with a cup of coffee, my books, and my laptop has made it easier for myself to get more homework/reading done. I also very much enjoy the quietness of the morning, when nobody is awake except me.

Also, lately Scott and I have been having lots of Boba tea study dates. Our new favorite=almond coconut!

I want to leave you with an important thought:

This morning one of my boyfriend's former bandmates, along with a high school friend of mine, were involved a serious car accident while their new band, REECE, was driving to their next show in New Mexico. Their van hit a patch of black ice and sent their van and trailer flipping 5-6 times. Each member sustained serious injuries, and most of them were taken to hospital in New Mexico. I would like to point you in the direction of a PayPal account that members of the band The Summer Set created so that people could donate to help the members of REECE continue on their journey, and pay for the numerous hospital bills each member is due to receive. You can check out The Summer Set's Tumblr account for more information, and also find the link to the PayPal account there. These boys are truly talented and deserve the best in life. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Time for sleep and The Time Traveler's Wife.


-Chels xoxo

February 20, 2010

Friday recap!

Yesterday I started my morning off with a nice cup of Stumptown Coffee. Scott and I's friend Tyler brought it all the way from Oregon for us, and I have to say that after about a month or so of enjoy it we've almost used all of it (tear). Right now I'm considering buying more online because it is that good.

Anyways, after Scott got off of work we made a picnic lunch and took my dog Jake to the park.

PS Here is my new Blythe (my first). Her name is Willow and she is a CG!

My boots, his TOMS!

After we ate and figured that Jake was worn out (he's 13 years old) we headed back to my house, and then on to Scott's house so we could meet our friend Amanda and go on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Since it was such a beautiful day it was perfect bike riding weather, which ultimately lead to perfect conversation weather. What a great time!

After our bike ride Scott and I focused on homework. Scott made coffee, and a I put on a record. He worked on Spanish and math, I worked on story ideas for my class and the school paper.

For dinner Scott and I went over to his mom's house to enjoy tacos, rice, and cranbery cherry flax muffins! Oh, and Scott accidentally put orange spice tea in our lemonade (trying to make an arnold palmer) and it was actually really good.

February 17, 2010

Boba/Spanish study date.

Scott and I went on a cute boba/Spanish homework study date tonight. It's safe to say that avocado boba tea is my new favorite.

-Chels xoxo

February 16, 2010

5 Things!

[5 things]... Chelsea Ellen edition (as seen on the Red Velvet blog)!

5 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

- Graduating with my bachelors degree
- Getting engaged to Mr. John Scott<3
- Finally purchasing a Blythe (I've been wanting one for years)
- Spring Break! Seattle here we come (or at least I hope)
- More hang time with the lovely Miss Gina

5 Things I Did Yesterday:
- Got up extra early and drove from Casa Grande to downtown to Phoenix to go to school
- Went to Thai Basil with my love
- Listened to Scott and I's new Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin vinyl
- Ate subway for lunch
- Updated my Flickr account

5 Things I Wish I Could do: - Fly to Seattle (RIGHT NOW!)
- Bake good vegan cupcakes
- Go shopping for a million cute dresses
- Fly to Norway and spend a month there with John Scott
- Shop at Whole Foods every day

5 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
- Norway
- Seattle (again)
- London (again)
- Chicago
- New York (again)

5 Cute things I've found online lately:
-Amazing vintage coach purses (there are more than 5)!
-Cute "Keep Calm...." sign

-Chels xox

Our sweet Valentines Day.

This year Scott and I celebrated a little early, and had a lovely dinner the Thursday before. Scott decided to make me a special dinner, which he would not tell me/let me see what he was making until he was done, and I bought us special dessert to share. On the menu for the night was white/pink colored heart shape pastas with gnocchi pieces in it, and heart shaped garlic bread.

After our meal we enjoyed a piece this beautiful cake from Tammie Coe Cakes:

Raspberries, cheesecake, and chocolate cake lined the inside. It tasted amazing!

Scott and I also enjoyed these yummy vegan brownies that I bought from the Fair Trade Cafe across the street from my school.

Have I mentioned yet the BEAUTIFUL flowers that Scott gave me as one of my Valentines Day gifts! I'm a lucky girl.

AND, I don't believe I have shared with you THE most special gift I received. Scott made me this beautiful, and completely unique vase out of his favorite light bulb:

This vase is seriously a work of art and I will treasure it forever<3

Scott is considering making a DIY video for this beautiful vase, how many of you would like to see one?

In other news, school is still ruling my life, but I promise to be back soon with another update on my life<3

-Chels xoxo

February 12, 2010

Date day? I think so!

Today I had an absolute lovely day.

I woke up around 9 a.m.(no school for me on Fridays, so I can sleep in a bit) and soon got up and proceeded to take a few phone calls from a few people I called about a story on small businesses that I'm writing. Around 11 a.m. Scott came over and we headed to downtown Phoenix together for some brunch. We decided to go to Matt's Breakfast because we've both been wanting to try it out for a long time, plus they featured it on DDD on the Food Network so we figured that they must have good food!

As usual there was a long line of people to get a table (I drive by the restaurant sometimes when I go to school and always see a line), so we decided to go over to Royal and get coffee. We both got americanos, and spent some time flipping through a Phoenix brochure.


After we got back over to Matt's we still had about another 10 minute wait, so I decide to shoot some photos in the meantime.

Once we finally got into Matt's we had the chance to admire the cuteness that ensued the inside of the building. It took about 20ish minutes to get our food, but it was so worth it though.

Three meat scramble with fresh jalapenos and home fries!

I had a waffle and home fries (not pictured).

Honey lemonade. MMMMM

Such a great shot of Scott! He's so photogenic.

After we were done eating we decided to walk to a local music store that is closing down. I was hoping to find some great vinyl, but ended up not finding much there. Afterwards we went to AMC and saw Valentines Day. I ended up really liking it, and felt like the movie really reasonable Love Actually (a favorite of mine!). Did I mention that Taylor Lautner is in the movie, AND Taylor Swift! They were so cute in it.

After the movie Scott and I went on a walk on South Mountain. I got to try out my new hiking backpack that Scott got me for Vday!

To top the night off Scott and I stopped by this cute boba cafe down the street from my house and shared a Melon boba. It was DELICIOUS and definitely changed Scott's thought on boba (YAY).

Cute post about our Vday celebration to come soon!


-Chels xoxo

February 9, 2010

Big city picnics.

Scott and I went on a cute picnic in the park across the street from my school, in the heart of downtown Phoenix, this afternoon. We ate tofurkey sandwiches, sour cream and onion pop chips, lemon snap cookies, and shared an apple. Oh, did I mention that we stopped by the Fair Trade Cafe before we sat down and got americanos (his hot, mine iced).

We both greatly enjoyed our picnic, and loved laying in the sun watching the clouds fly by. Can't wait to have another picnic oh so soon.

Time for sleep!

-Chels xoxo

PS So excited for Valentines day on Sunday! Who doesn't love a whole day devoted to LOVE!

February 8, 2010


Dear lovely blog friends,

So sorry I've been so M.I.A. lately. I've been terribly busy with school and work, and frankly just have not had the time to blog. I sincerely hope that you will forgive me.

Love always,


Anyways, this past weekend I spent my time with my nose stuck in Pride and Prejudice, drinking LOTS of coffee, and doing office work for my parents.

Sunday was a special day though and I was able to go to my favorite chain coffee shop (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) and get a bit more homework done, all while enjoying a nice iced coffee (they use espresso shots for their iced coffee so it was actually an iced americano). After Scott got off of work (early too!) we went to Whole Foods to go shopping for picnic food (we're having a picnic tomorrow during my lunch break at school). After roaming around the beautiful aisles of Whole Foods for awhile, we ended up decided to leave and go to Cafe Luna for GIANT quessadillas with guacamole and sour cream, and then going to Sprouts afterwards to make our purchases.

Today I had a Media Law test first this morning, and ended up acing it by the way. After I got done with my test I got an iced americano and camped out at the Starbucks on my campus for a little internet pursuing, and information gathering for an article I just finished writing. In case anyone is wondering, the article I finished is a pre-review of a screening of "Dear Jack" that is happening at my school (Arizona State University) on Wednesday.

For those of you who haven't heard, "Dear Jack" is a documentary about Andrew McMahon, singer of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate, and follows him from the day he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005, through his process of treatment, and ultimately ends with him being in full recover. Andrew has been a long-time hero of mine, and I highly suggest that everyone check out "Dear Jack" and also look at the Dear Jack Foundation website, dedicated to helping raising funds and spreading awareness of the fight against leukemia. The website can be found at: http://www.dearjackfoundation.com/

Tomorrow, as mentioned before, Scott is coming down to see me on my lunch break from school and we are going to have a cute picnic in the park. Last Thursday I saw a group of really cute kids having a picnic in the beautiful green grass that covers the park across the street from my school, and seriously felt inspired to have a picnic of my own. Pictures to come after the picnic!

On a side note, yesterday I watched Whip It for the first time and loved it! Ellen Page had such a great personality in the film, and I love that Landon Pigg played her love interest. Landon is the one who sings that song "Falling in love at a coffee shop." Has anyone seen the video for that song? It's so cute! Look:

Ok, time to finish packing our picnic lunch and read more of Pride and Prejudice.

I've missed you all! Look forward to more posts much sooner!

-Chels xoxo

February 2, 2010


It's an iced coffee kind of morning.

Today should be a real good day. Hanging out with old friends from high school, going to Bookmans to finish up my article review, and enjoying a yummy latte from the recently opened Bookmans cafe. Can't wait!

I'm headed off to class!