March 31, 2010

A thought on a memory...

I found this picture awhile back, not quite sure where, but it made me instantly think about the very similar van that Scott drove around for about the first two years of our relationship. He initially bought it so he could haul around his band equipment easier, but in the end it ended up being a HUGE nuisance. This van had so many problems, but somehow Scott always figured out a way to keep it running.

The reason why this photo reminded me of his van was because for a period of time the van was covered with spray paint i.e. drawings, words (inappropriate and odd), etc. Scott even drew me a tree on passenger side that had on initials "carved" into it. It also had a bird on it that he named Chelseabird (i.e. how I got may name Chelseabird).

That van held a lot of fun memories from Scott and I's early years of our relationship, but I have to say that I am not sad that it is gone. I'm so glad Scott has a nicer, reliable vehicle now.

It was fun while it lasted.

-Chels xoxo

March 28, 2010

Lunch dates, coffee, and lazy days.

To start off I feel I must say that "It's Sunday already?" Oh my! This week has gone by so fast. Here is a little recap of the latter end of my week, and the weekend.

Wednesday was a bit of a hectic day at school and all I can remember is that I had coffee before I left for school (around 9 a.m.) and felt the absolute need to get more after my first class got out (10:55 a.m.).

Scott and I also had a boba study date that evening.

Green tea boba & chocolate, almond, & coconut aka Almond Joy boba tea!

Thursday my first class (Intro to PR) was cancelled so I went to school a little later than usual, and Scott came down and we had lunch together at the Phoenix Public Market across the street from my school.

We also looked around my schools library before I had to go class. I found out that they have an amazing Plath collection that I must borrow from asap.

Friday I had to get up early (no school on Fridays!) and go down to a courthouse in Phoenix so that I could write about a court case hearing for one of my classes. It was my first time doing this kind of article, but since I called ahead and said I wanted to sit in on the hearing the bailiff was really nice to me and gave me coffee, and showed me the jury room, and introduced me to the judge. After the hearing was over I was also aloud to ask the judge, and the plaintiff and his lawyer anything I needed for my article (the defendant wasn't present as it was a weird pre-liminary hearing).

Later that afternoon I had to spent time working on my article and other homework.

Friday evening Scott and I went back down tow Phoenix to attend a coffee tasting at Cartel Coffee Lab. Since there was a Suns gaming going on down the street we had to park in my parking garage a few blocks away and were a little late because of it. However, I did receive an amazing free non-fat latte when I got there! Scott and I actually ended up missing the tasting because we went and put quarters in the meter of the guy Brian who was holding the tasting (Brian is a super nice guy and we were happy to help a friend). Next week Scott and I are actually going to do a private tasting with Brian, and talk to him about a story that I'm working on for the paper.

Walking around downtown Phoenix (searching for Brian's car haha).

After the tasting we went to Green for dinner. Green is an amazing vegan restaurant that serves the best crispy tofu!

Sweet and sour bowl with brown rice (and apples!).

Soynamis! Scott got one called "Raisin Arizona" and mine was mint w/organic chocolate!

(bright flash!)

Saturday and Sunday (today!) were both pretty lazy days. Since Scott works both days (at 5 and 6 a.m.) he was pretty tired (as was I from staying up to late watching silly tv), so we decided to just take it easy. We did look around for a new needle for our record player (ended up having to order one off of Amazon), and made a stop at Target. After Scott got off of work today we worked on homework, then had a romantic candle light dinner at Hillside Spot Cafe.

Tomorrow holds another busy day however, and will only prove even more that school is certainly in full swing and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Tuesday we have plans to go see Copeland and Ace Enders, and I'm really excited because I get to see my friend Nikki. She has a super nice husband, and a really adorable baby girl (you can read about their life at her blog here!).

Ok, time to get back to homework.

-Chels xoxo

March 27, 2010


I feel like buying a new record for Scott and I's record player today. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!

-Chels xoxo

March 26, 2010

Friday morning tea!

Morning sunshines!

It's a half black, half passion fruit iced tea kind of morning.

Hope you all have a lovely day.


March 24, 2010

Spring Break to-do list!

As I promised, here is the list of my Spring Break to-do's that I wrote up the week before my break started, along with notes on how I either accomplished them, or didn't.

1. Bake cupcakes & make lemonade
-The very first day of break I made lemonade and talked about it here. Cupcakes, unfortunately were never made.

2. Finish The Time Traveler's Wife
-I finished the book during the last weekend of break and all I can say is that I loved the book very, very much. I thoroughly enjoyed the diary type entries, and how everything went back and forth. At first it was a little hard to follow, but as the book went on it got much easier. I seriously never wanted to put it down. I would highly suggest this book and can't wait to finally watch the film adaptation of it.

3.Go on at least one hike
-I definitely accomplished this goal, in fact I went on two hikes, one on Camelback Mountain (which I blogged about here) and also one on South Mountain.

4. Take spring themed photos
-Unfortunately, I didn't entirely accomplish this goal. I was wanting to set up a backdrop and pretty things to be involved in the photos, but alas I didn't end up having time to do this. However, I did take quite a few photos over break.

5. Go to H&M, Anthro., and Urban
-I for sure went to Anthro. and bought this cute cup, but I ended up deciding that I didn't need to go to H&M or Urban (trying to save money for other fun things during the week). As of now though I have a huge urge to go to H&M and hope to go sometime this week.

6. Go on a bike ride
-I went on the best bike ride during break with Scott and our friend Amanda. You can read about it here.

7. Make March mini book
-I for sure started this book, but have yet to complete it. Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to work on it.

8. See Alice in Wonderland
-After writing this I ended up deciding that I didn't want to see this movie (mixed feelings/wanting to see something else instead. I did however see Remember Me and Shutter Island, both of which I loved.

9. Go to La Grande Orange Grocery
-Yes, I did it! I finally went to La Grande Orange and LOVED it! In fact, I went twice. You can see what I did there here, and here.

10. Go to Green
-Oh man, this is the one place I slightly regret not going to. Although, I did eat at a few great cafes during break including La Grande, The Coffee Shop, and Hillside Spot Cafe.

Overall break was really wonderful and I had a lot of fun. Now it's time to put my nose back to the grind and finish this semester up. I just know I can do this!


March 23, 2010

Tuesday, I love you.

Good evening loves!

Well, I know that I said I would update you on my list of things to-do over Spring Break (or rather the ones that I ended up doing and the ones that I did not) but tonight I want to give you a little peek into my day.

My morning started off like this:

The rained pored all night long and this morning Phoenix was a beautiful mess of cool rain, and cloudy skies. I got up a little earlier today and drove down to the Phoenix Public Market so that I could get a free non-fat latte (7 punches later and that free drink was mine!) and a lovely blueberry muffin.

At 10:30 I had my Intro to PR class, and around 11:45 I met Scott back at the market for lunch. We both got half sandwich, half soup. He a turkey sandwich and tomato bisque soup, me a vegetarian sandwich and tomato bisque soup.

The soup was probably the best tomato soup I've ever consumed. If you have a chance to go to the Phoenix Public Market I highly suggest trying some of this amazing soup.

These pretty flowers were sitting on our table.

On our way out Scott and I decided that we needed a little Pelegrino for the walk to Cartel Coffee Lab where Scott was planning on buying beans.

About a month ago I bought Scott some coffee beans from Cartel Coffee Lab, and every since he's been addicted (as have I). Since Scott was out he wanted to pick up a new batch, and ended up purchasing a $18 bag of coffee. He's really, really excited to try it (it smells amazing!).

The rest of the afternoon/evening was filled with more school, sunshine drives, and a little shopping with my love.

Ok, time to read The Bell Jar and dream about baking cute cupcakes.



March 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfast

This morning Scott and I went out to breakfast at a new'ish cafe down the street from this house called Hillside Spot Cafe. We had been there a few times in the past, but only for lunch and coffee, so walking into a very busy (and loud) cafe was a little overwhelming, but so worth it in the end.

The building that the cafe sits in actually once held one of the old coffee shops that Scott used to work out for about the first two years of our relationship (The Coffee Plantation on 48th and Warner), so it was neat to see how much the space had change and to image how it was when we used to spend so much time there.

Scott and I actually ended up sitting in the exact corner that we sat in and had coffee on our first date.

(pardon the tired eyes, no make-up please<3)

We both ordered hot americanos that were excellent (made with Cartel beans! Eck).

Scott got some kind of chorizo breakfast sandwich, and I got a veggie omelet with nine-grain toast, both of which were really yummy (because it was so busy Scott's sandwich was a cold when it got it, but it was still good).

So I'm wondering, what did you have for breakfast today? Do you have pictures of it? Am I the only one that loves taking food pictures?

Anyways, tomorrow I have to go back to school after a whole 10 days off. Break was really amazing, and I plan on blogging my list of Spring Break to-do's so that you can all what I accomplished (and didn't) very soon.

Ok, time to get things ready for the morning.

-Chels xoxo

March 19, 2010

Spring 2010 Favorites!

Here is a list of a few things that I'm LOVING for Spring:

She & Him, Volume Two!

Copeland (Farewell tour? I'm so gonna cry at this show)

On my to-read list!

This one too!

Pretty coral nail polish.

This grey by essie is a must have!

This pink, ruffly, shear cardigan from J. Crew is just perfect for those beautiful Spring afternoons.

Beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs have (thinking I want this one for my birthday!).

Canon G10? Compact AND takes amazing photos? A must have for all those fun bike rides and cute park picnics.

Last, but certainly not least...

Iced coffee, the perfect way to cool you down after that long bike ride, or after working hard in your garden.

What are you loving for Spring?

-Chels xoxo

March 18, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday

An update from the last two days:

Yesterday Scott and I went to Lux to have a blog meet-up with Kara of Sunshine Cupcakes! Kara is a super sweet girl, and we all seemed to have a lot in common. I am seriously so excited to hang out with her (and our boyfriends!) more in the future.

Scott and I snapped these silly photos outside Lux before leaving (wish we would have gotten one with Kara!):

Also, before we went to Lux (for a latte and americano of course!) we stopped at a local antique store that contains amazing antique furniture, light fixtures, dishes, slot machines, etc.

Today I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, then met Scott at The Coffee Shop in Gilbert to have breakfast. The Coffee Shop is a super cute cafe that offers breakfast, and lunch, along with coffee and an array of beautiful pastries.

Since it was so nice out we decided to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the sun.

We both got breakfast burritos and hot americanos in giant mugs.

After breakfast we went to a local Anthropologie to look browse around at all the pretty dresses, cute furniture knobs (we seriously wanted to buy them all), and cute notebooks. This display was by far my favorite:

After our window-shopping spree (no scores that time) we got more coffee, watched a little HGTV, then went to Chandler Mall to pick up a few things for my mom (cookies, cheesecake, oh my!), as well as myself (I <3>

Ok, time for sleep.
Night loves!

-Chels xoxo