April 27, 2010

Tuesday morning woes.

So far today I have:
got up super early
eating breakfast, and made a cute package at home
drove to downtown Phoenix
got two dollar medium non-fat latte with my student discount at Lola Coffee
did an over-the-phone interview with a fire chief for an article I'm writing
took silly pictures with Photobooth

Ok, time to be more productive!
Have a lovely day blog friends<3
-Chels xoxo

April 26, 2010

Friday & Saturday! It's the weekend!


Friday I attended an interview day at school, from which I'm hoping to get an internship out of for the fall semester. I met with five different people in two hours, and at the end I felt calmed and excited for what will come out of it.

After my meetings Scott and I had lunch, then went to the ASU surplus store where they sell various tables, desks, chairs, etc. Scott was looking for some legs for a table that he's in the process of building.

He actually ended up find these really neat adjustable legs on a 1970's table. Since he didn't want the whole table he used a screwdriver to take off the legs (thank goodness, that table would not have fit in my car).

Once we were done at the surplus store we headed down to Scottsdale so that I could see about getting my dad's Sony computer fixed, and also to pick up some Sprinkles cupcakes. Scott and I actually got really lucky and received free vanilla with sprinkles cupcakes because we knew the secret whisper word of the day!

We ended the night with coffee from Cartel, and time spent with my parents.

Saturday was super eventful, as Scott had off work (first Saturday off in awhile). We went to Liberty Market for breakfast, then to the craft fair at Bragg's Pie Factory where we ended up meeting a lovely lady by the name of Rikki that came up to us and said she read my blog. Rikki had made the most amazing vegan cupcakes for the craft fair, and Scott and I seriously wanted to try each and every one.

Cortaditos at Liberty Market.

Crazy big marble ball outside of Liberty Market. Scott was trying to spin it the fastest he could.

Scott admiring the coffee, oh and the giant paper mache camel.

Adorable mini vegan cupcake that Rikki made. It was lemon, and it was amazing!

The rest of the afternoon was spent looking through vintage shops, drinking tea at Copper Star Coffee, and bike riding around the Willow neighborhood in Phoenix.

We ended our super busy day with a trip to the roller derby at The Coliseum in Phoenix. Neither Scott nor I had ever been to a roller derby so it was a lot of fun to watch the girls kick butt. We even realized that we knew someone on one of the playing teams (Bombshells).

Overall, we had a really fun and busy weekend!
What did you guys do this weekend?

-Chels xoxo

Afternoon lunch date.

Good morning blogger world. I'm a little behind in blogging from this last week, but I'm going to star playing catch up right now.

Last week Scott came down to Phoenix on my lunch break and brought our bikes so that we could go on a little stroll around the neighborhood, pick up some coffee, and get lunch.

We started off by biking to Lola Coffee:

Scott had a americano...

and I had a latte. We shared some amazing rosemary shortbread as well.

Pretty flower display on one of their giant tables.

Love the latte art in my drink!

After coffee we biked to Athenian Express and had super yummy greek food. From the outside this restaurant looks like a tiny hole in the wall, but once you get inside it's way bigger than you think it would be. The place was super busy, but it really didn't take long at all to get our food. It was our first time going there, but it definitely won't be our last.

After lunch we took a little stroll around the area, and admired all the beautiful houses in the area (hopefully one of them will be ours someday).

Ok, be back later!
-Chels xoxo

April 22, 2010

Bike Saviors Part 1

Yesterday Scott and I went out on a hunt to find me a new bike. This summer I'm going to spending quite a bit of time in Colorado and don't want to bring my bike with me (won't be able to get it back for a month or so after I get back home) so I decided that I needed to find a new (vintage/semi-cheap) bike.

Going into this I had the idea of going to the Tempe Bike co-op, or Bike Saviors. A few years ago Scott and I went to the bike co-op to get our first bikes (together). I remember going into the backyard of this old house and walking into a bicycle junkyard (essentially). I also remember there being a ton of people there and feeling completely overwhelmed. In the end though Scott and I got neat, vintage bikes that we restored ourselves, with help from the volunteers at the co-op, and only had to pay $35 a piece for them.

Since then our bicycle collection has changed and grown. Neither Scott nor I have the bike that we restored at the co-op, and both have different bikes that we love (she-one, him-three).

Love my bike!

Ok back to the present co-op, so since 2008 the co-op has moved out of the backyard of someone's home and has moved into a nice, semi-big, building off of Mill and Ash'ish in Tempe. Last night Scott and I went to the new co-op with the intent of picking out a bike and fixing it up together. Well, since last night was "ladies night" they wouldn't let Scott stay with me (kind of lame), so we decided to leave and look around at other bike shops in the area.

After looking around two different bike shops I decided that the co-op as ultimately the best way to go, in large part to Scott's encouragement (it's hard for me to do things alone, especially in large crowds. Anyone else feel this way?). Anyways, we ended up going back to the co-op where Scott dropped me off (he went and hung out at Cartel Coffee Lab) and I went in and started to repair a cute green vintage cruiser bike.

I stayed at the co-op for about an hour and a half and only ended up getting a small amount of things accomplished. I have plans to go back Sunday with Scott (YAY) and hope to finish the bike so I can take it home.

Also, I just found out that tomorrow Scott is going to visit the ASU surplus place where there potentially could be a used bike with my name on it (unlikely, but it could happen). If he does end up seeing something I might cave and just get one there.

Anyways, here's to hoping I have a second bike by Sunday!

Ok, time to get ready for interview day tomorrow at school!

-Chels xoxo

PS Have any of you ever had any experiences with bike co-ops? If so, what was it like?

April 20, 2010


Tomorrow I'm going on the hunt for a new (vintage) bike. I'm really hoping to find a cute Raleigh, or a Schwinn "girl" bike. Crossing my fingers that I found something as cute as one of these adorable bikes:

(love the vintage logo)

-Chels xoxo

Lola Coffee

Yesterday morning I made a trip to Lola Coffee in dowtown Phoenix.

I went there with the intentions of getting an an iced soy latte, a reccomendation from a classmate of mine, but once I got in there it was chilly and I decided a hot non-fat latte was the way to go.

Lola is a super chic and has a New York City vibe to it, something you can't always find in Phoenix. One of my favorite things about this location, the other being on Central Ave., is that it faces a historic building with beautiful vines and flowers growing up the side of it.

I decided to sit in the hall, where it was most quite, and did a bit of reading before my 10:30 a.m. class.

(right behind where I sat-the back entrance)

Oh, and have I mentioned how I want to live in the adorable apartments that sit right next to Lola? Because I REALLY do!

Lastly, two quick things:
-today I had an article published in the Arizona Republic (super, super excited about this)! You can read it here.
-yesterday I also sent out cute homemade mail!

Ok, time to go to English Lit. class to chat about Plath!

-Chels xoxo

April 18, 2010

A few purchases...

As mentioned in my previous post, Scott and I picked up a few records during yesterday's Record Store Day. Our purchases include:

All three records are beautiful, and make a great addition to our collection. The Neil Young is a "7, so we have to buy an adapter for our record player before we can listen to it. Oh, and The Postal Service record came with a B-side record that included Such Great Heights performed by Iron & Wine. All I can say is that it sounds even more special on vinyl.

Today I also make another purchase, but no records this time, I went for something I haven't bought in a few years. I bought a new swimsuit:

This one to be exact! It's perfect and fits me great. For a few years now I've been disliking my current two piece and haven't wanted to go swimming because I didn't like wearing it, but now I'm ready to swim and lounge by the pool!

Ok, time to get things together for the morning and give my sweet puppy hugs and kisses. He's going in for surgery in the morning to have a few ulcers removed. If you pray, I would really love it if you could keep him in your prayers. If you keep happy thoughts, I would love it if you could keep him in yours. Thank you<3

-Chels xoxo

Weekend re-cap + Record Store Day!

Oh man, I haven't blogged since Thursday? So sorry lovely blog friends, but I've been quite busy! To start off, remember how I asked what we should have for dinner on Thursday? Well, we ended up going to this cute Italian restaurant and shared an amazing salad and pizza pie!

Anyways, Friday was a very busy day! Scott presented his speech that morning, and since he was feeling so relieved we ran a bunch of (fun) errands that we hadn't been able to during the week. The first stop on our list was Urban Outfitters so that I could pick up a new pair of pants (ankle cigarette jeans<3).>

Sad that my cappuccino is all gone!

Next on our list was Levi's where we both ended up getting a pair of jeans (yay). After Levi's was Home Depot so that Scott could pick up a few things for his next wood-working project. Next I had to do an interview in Gilbert so Scott came along and waited while I chatted with a few police officers (for my next article!). After my interview we decided to treat ourself to a lovely dinner at Liberty Market:

Liberty Minestrone and sweet potato salad + the best chicken sandwich and sweet potato salad!

After dinner we went back to Home Depot to pick up some wood that Scott wasn't able to pick up before we had to head to my interview, and finally ended our night by going to see a movie at Tempe Marketplace.

Saturday was Record Store Day and Scott and I celebrated by going to Stinkweeds and Zia!

Hanging out in the parking lot at Zia.

Eating super yummy pasta and potato salads.

Fun times at Stinkweeds (free food, music, and cute people).

We also went into Stinkweeds' neighbor Smeeks to admire all the pretty candy.

All we ended up with from Smeeks was a bottled lemonade, but good one for that.

The rest of the day was spent looking through more records at Zia's Record Store, rummaging around through multiple vintage stores in Phoenix, and eating a lovely dinner at Sapna!

(Scott's pasta was still on its way haha)

Ok, time to get back to homework. Will show what we picked up at Record Store Day in a bit.
-Chels xoxo