October 31, 2010

The Pumpkin Scarecrow

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I tend to start getting in the spirit come September. I am not the type of person that likes really scary things, and tend to gravitate more toward the spooky and fall fun aspect of Halloween. Ever once in a while something a little scary can be fun though, like walking through a crowd of zombies (more about that in a later post).

The other day while on my lunch break Scott and I took a walk around downtown. I was on a mission to get an outside photo of Butter Toast Boutique for my ASU blog, Downtown Dispatch. While on our way to the boutique we spotted this pumpkin scarecrow in front of our local grow-op.

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden
School bag: Orla Kiely

From time to time Scott will now be featured in my daily outfit posts. He definitely has his own personal style and enjoys looking his best.

(sorry for the far away shot)
Button up shirt: vintage
Jeans: Levi's
Leather watch: Fossil
Cordones: TOMS

I feel pretty lucky to attend school in such a great town. Phoenix has a lot of culture in it, and there is also something new going on. The town has grown so much in recent years, not just with new new buildings, but with new boutiques and restaurants that are making Phoenix more of a destination place.

Tonight Scott and I have plans to hang out with our friends Courtney and Sanford. I believe watching PG Halloween movies and passing out candy is in order. We even might dress up a little just for fun!

Do you have any plans for tonight?

October 30, 2010

Birthday Dinner Date

Thursday was Scott's 22nd birthday and to celebrate we went out to one of our favorite pizza places and took a walk around Cityscape in downtown Phoenix.

We went to Cibo in downtown were they have the best non-traditional pizza. For dinner we had a pesto salad, complete with greens, pine nuts, potatoes, and pesto sauce, and we also shared the special pizza of the night, which had mushrooms, truffle oil, no sauce, and a cheese that I can't recall now.

Our meal was excellent, and it was great to celebrate Scott's birthday there. Back in May we had my birthday dinner there as well. I feel a tradition coming on!

After dinner we decided to check out the Lucky Strikes bowling alley that just opened a few weeks ago at Cityscape, a newly built shopping center, in downtown. After roaming around for a bit we found the upstairs entrance and took a look around. The wait for a lane was about 30 minutes (they only have about 10 lanes) and since it was closing in on nine 'o'clock and somebody (ME!) forget her entire wallet with her ID in it, they would have to kick me out soon because I couldn't prove I was over 21 (I really don't think the doorman believed when I said I'm 22). In the end we decided not to wait for a lane and come back another evening where we could stay as late as we want. I feel pretty silly for having forgotten my wallet, since it is something I never ever leave home without.

In a few short days they are opening an Urban Outfitters in downtown. I am thrilled that I am now going to have one so close to me (I can walk there in a few short minutes from my school), but I'm worried that having it so close will do some serious damage to my wallet. The building they are putting it in is brand new and has the most lovely light display in their window.

Overall, I believe Scott had a pretty great birthday, and I'm so happy that I was able to make it special for him. He always does so many nice things for me, and it felt so good to be able to do something nice for him.

What do you usually do on your birthday? Do you have a certain restaurant that you like to go to every year?

October 29, 2010

One Last Anni. Post // About My Ring

For Scott and I's anniversary this year he gave me the most beautiful anniversary band. I have been asked about it so I thought I would post a photo and tell the story behind it.

For a few months now I've been hinting (more like blatantly saying) that I would love a new ring (I am ring obsessed if you didn't know). A little under three years ago Scott gave me a beautiful white gold and diamond promise ring. Since the day he gave it to me I have not let it leave my left ring finger. With this said, I thought it would be nice to have a new ring to either wear with my promise ring, or wear separately on my right hand.

Well, Scott surprised me a few days before our anniversary with a trip to a lovely jewelry store where he bought me the most beautiful white gold and inlaid diamond anniversary band I have ever seen. Him doing this for me was honestly the most amazing thing, and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful person want to do something so heartfelt, and meaningful for me.

I now have an anniversary band and will cherish it for the rest of my life.


Anniversary Dinner Date

Here is my last, and final anniversary blog post. This one is about the lovely dinner date we went on to a restaurant called St. Francis in Phoenix.

Scott and I decided to both dress on the grey scale (as we commonly due) and found ourself to be a matching couple. When we were younger we used to match, A LOT, sometimes on purpose, but most of the time not. Our outfits for the evening were just a little extra reminder of how close and similar we really are.

Cardigan: Gift from my mom
Dress: Target (it was pretty wrinkled unfortunately at this point in the evening)
Charcoal tights: c/o We Love Colors
Flats: Ruby and Bloom

Jacket: Banana Republic (the lighting was so awkward at this point, so it's hard to see the detail in the jacket)
Shirt: Hanes possibly?
Jeans: Quicksilver
Dress shoes: thrifted

The dress I was wearing had a really lovely ruffle on the front. The ruffle is what sold me on the dress. It was also pretty chilly that evening so I felt a cardigan was a must if we were sitting outside (which we did).

The building we took photos in front of houses an amazing vintage furniture, as well as small vintage clothing store. The building has these lovely circle frames that I felt needed to be photographed. Too bad the light was a little off, and the frame moved when I leaned on it (eck!).

This was our first time at St. Francis. The restaurant is situated in a very unique and modern building that has a good amount of outdoor seating (covered by pretty lights and canopies of course), and also a cozy indoor space (downstairs and upstairs).

For dinner we shared a corn flatbread pizza, and each had our own butternut squash soup.

Our dinner was lovely and I feel blessed to be able to have such a great anniversary (and guy of course).

Do you and your sweetie prefer going out to eat for special occasions, or making dinner together at home?

October 28, 2010

LuLu*s Discount Code for Tea Talk Readers

LuLu*s, an online clothing store for women, has graciously offered the readers of Tea Talk a 15% off discount code to be used on their next purchase from their store.

LuLu*s offers designer dresses, tops, sweaters, handbags, shoes, etc., all at great prices.

(all photos taken from the LuLu*s website)

I feel that LuLu*s really sells a great variety of clothing and accessories. There is definitely something for everyone in their store.

I hope some of you Tea Talk readers get the chance to use this fabulous discount! Let me know if you do so!

This discount expires on November 4th, 2010.


Happy Birthday Scott!

Today my is my guy's 22nd birthday and we're all excited and ready to celebrate around these parts.

Tonight we have cake, presents, a dinner date, and possibly bowling planned for us. I am more than excited to welcome Scott to the 22 club (now he can't really say I'm his older woman, even though I will always be 6 months older than him). I remember when Scott turned 18, exactly four days after we started dating. I bake him his very first Chelsea cheesecake, and we danced the night away at his Halloween themed birthday party/show. That year I dressed up as a lady of the 80's in a flashy fuchsia vintage dress, and Scott was a clown (I hate clowns).

This year I'm excited to continue with our tradition of having my homemade cheesecake for dessert, and to celebrate Scott's life and the wonderful man he is.

Happy Birthday Sunshine!


October 27, 2010

Wreck This Journal Part 1

Awhile back I won a giveaway on the Our City Lights blog, and the prize was a brand new copy of the Wreck This Journal book.

A few weeks ago I received a lovely package from Diana with the book in it, and since then I've been itching to start on it.

On Sunday morning, during our anniversary breakfast outing, Scott and I started working on a few random pages in the book.

The results:

When I saw Scott splashing coffee onto this page I was instantly mortified (who would splash coffee onto a perfectly good book), but then I realized that the page said fling your coffee onto this page and instantly felt ok and accepted that that was just the fun of the game.

Next Scott took a big stomp and jump on the book.

I'm pretty sure he got a few weird looks while he was doing this, we were in the middle of a very busy restaurant.

Next up was poking holes into one of the pages. My fine point pen barely got the job done, but I had fun trying to make it work.

Lastly was the scribble page-we both took turns with three different sharpies and scribbled until we felt like we were done.

So far we're really having a lot of fun with the book. Over the last few years I've spotted this book at my local book stores and have always felt the urge to go forth with breaking the spine of this book, splashing coffee and food on it, and essentially wrecking it my way.

Thank so much again to Diana for giving me the opportunity to "wreck this journal".

Have you ever looked through this book before? What about actually going through and wrecking it?

October 26, 2010

An Interview with Danielle of Sometimes Sweet

Today I have a really sweet interview with a soon-to-be mama that I like to call my friend, Danielle of Sometimes Sweet.

Danielle and I first met sometime around January of '09 via the internet. I remembering reading her blog, and thinking she was the cutest lady around. I really took an interested in Danielle's blog because she was a local gal (she lives about two hours away, but used to live in my town and still comes to visit), and because I thought she had great style.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of meeting Danielle and her husband Hank (I spotted them at the Johnny Cupcakes lectur back in February), and still feel that she is one of the most well dressed, and sweetest ladies in the blogsphere.

Danielle was kind enough to do an interview with me about her life, blogging, and fashion.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

I'm a twenty-something girl married to the love of my life Hank, with our first baby on the way in just a few weeks. I've been a high school English teacher (10th grade/American Literature) for the past five years but in just a couple of weeks I am leaving that all behind to embark on a new journey- becoming a full-time stay at home Mom! I'm so excited! In my spare time I really enjoy working out/exercising, cooking and baking, watching live music (especially any of my hubby's bands!), reading tons, all things blogs and internet, traveling, and spending time with all the people I love. I feel like I lead a fairly simple life, it's a happy one and I'm very thankful for that.

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?

Well I've been writing in online journal format since the nineties, via livejournal (I will always love you, LJ!). A few years ago I decided I wanted to change it up a bit and move into the big-girl world of blogging, so I jumped over to blogspot and started Sometimes Sweet. I never envisioned having thousands of people read my words everyday, but it just kind of evolved into that somehow. I started with just a handful of readers and it just grew and grew, which for awhile I was kind of weirded out by, but now I pretty much embrace it and really enjoy being able to reach out to so many people. I've met some of the most amazing individuals through this experience and I'm just so happy I decided to stick with it. Being an English major and someone who loves to write, I've been able to use my blog not just as a daily record of all of the happenings in my life, but also as a creative outlet. When I don't blog I feel a little "off," and I definitely know that it's become a space for me to really just get my thoughts and feelings out of this busy head of mine. I love it. And even more so now I can use it as a virtual baby book for our son Henry. I've documented my entire pregnancy, and I'm looking forward to doing the same kind of thing once he's born.

3. I've noticed that you're one fashionable lady! Tell us a little bit about your style.

Lately it's been whatever fits and is comfortable (I'm over 9-months pregnant!) but when I'm not sporting a big ole baby bump, I usually gravitate towards pretty, girly items- especially dresses. I'm a total dress junkie and most of my closet is full of all of the lovely dresses I've collected over the years. I'm a big fan of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Anthropologie, Orla Kiely, and J. Crew. I really, really love a good deal though so I enjoy shopping at places like Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, and Last Chance in Phoenix. Although I definitely have to be in the right mindset to enter the last place on that list- it's a ZOO! Overall I feel like I can find cute things anywhere, and I have no shame in pairing a blouse from Target with say, a MBMJ skirt. Autumn and winter fashion is my favorite and I really get inspired right around this time of the year. I love layers, tights, high waisted skirts, peter pan collars, nice heavy cardigans, and cute flats. I'm not a trendy person at all, so most of the things I buy I can wear for years and years. The older I get the more I tend to have preference for spending more on quality pieces I can keep forever.

4. What does your daily routine generally look like?

Currently I'm still working so here's an average work day for me: I wake up around 5:45am (when I wasn't pregnant I'd almost always hit the gym before work, so I'd get up around 4:45am, but these days I like my sleep in the morning!). Shower, get ready, have a big, healthy breakfast, and head into work around 7:45am. Teach 1st and 2nd hour, have my "free/prep hour" 3rd. During this time I'll get stuff together for the rest of the week, but I'm pretty organized so I can usually just enjoy the hour with a snack and whatever book I'm reading at the time. Teach 4th hour. Lunch. Teach 6th and 7th. Head to the gym right after school, then head home. Get home (so tired at this point) but usually Hank and I will take our pup Madeline on a walk then cook dinner. I'll then spend the rest of my night doing various things: hanging with my family, watching tv or a movie, blogging, reading, or going to sleep really early (again, pregnant = TIRED). On the weekends anything goes! :)

5. With your little one almost here, what are you looking forward to most about being a mother?

Oh gosh. Seriously EVERYTHING! I knew I wanted to be a wife and mama since I was a little girl, and I feel like this is the biggest dream I've ever had coming true. I just can't wait to see Henry, and hold him, and kiss him and hug him! I'm excited to see my husband as a Dad, and really just embark on this amazing/crazy adventure with him. I'm so grateful I get to stay home so I don't have to miss a thing, and every day that gets us a little closer to meeting our little guy is another day of multiplied excitement.

6. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I kind of touched on this above, but I'd say two things: one, the relationships I've made and the support that's out there in the blogging world, and two, the creative outlet it provides me with. To talk about number one for a moment, it's pretty amazing how supportive all of my blogging ladies are. It's like having a little team of friends that is always there for you, encouraging you during good times and bad. A lot of people don't "get" blogging, and I do think it may be hard to wrap your brain around it if you have no idea how it works, but it's really, really wonderful. And then number two, I just love that I can share the things that I write with so many people. It's great to get feedback and kind of just put yourself out there, as scary as that can be at times.

7. You live in a pretty small town, what do you like about living there?

So many things. I grew up in a small, small town in NJ but moved to a suburb of Phoenix when I was a teenager, and a part of me always missed the small-town vibe that my hometown exuded. For college I went up to NAU in Flagstaff and got to experience that again, and I definitely loved it. I never would have guessed I would have ended up in Prescott, but I'm so glad I did. My husband and his family have been here for generations, so it was never a question of where we'd decide to live. From the first time I visited him in 2004 I fell in love with this quirky little place, and I've truly enjoyed living here over the past five-plus years. I couldn't imagine raising our family anywhere else. It's funny though because my friends from Phoenix will come and visit and they get a total kick over the fact that you can't go anywhere without seeing seriously ten people you know- it's a "hi! "hello!" "how are you?" fest all over town, constantly. And being a teacher at the only high school in town, I'm sure you can imagine how many recognizable faces there are! I love small towns, and Prescott especially. Our downtown is adorable, we have fantastic holiday celebrations for every season, and we experience every type of weather from blustery snow days to hot, hot summer evenings. I sound like an advertisement, but really, I love it.

8. What are you favorite fashion trends for fall?

tights with shorter skirts, corduroy, different textures, I'm loving chunkier boots, big knits...Autumn colors of course but especially forest green, mustard yellow and burnt orange, tortoise shell...so much!

9. What does your husband, Hank, think about your blog?

I know he reads it on occasion and he definitely supports me doing what I enjoy! :)

10. Do you have any advice to new bloggers? What about new mommas? How about fashion enthusiasts?

I get this question a lot, and the main thing I can tell new bloggers is to BE YOURSELF. That's the biggest thing. If you are your authentic, genuine self then you will attract people just like you, and you'll be able to find your own little community within this large blogging world. Like attracts like, for sure. Write for yourself. And write about what you enjoy. Maybe you love going out to eat? Then write some reviews. Perhaps you love fashion? Then start documenting your outfits. My blog is kind of all over the place- I write about personal things, daily things, inspiration, fashion, books, movies, you name it. I like not putting myself into some sort of label so I am free to write about whatever my heart desires. It definitely makes it more fun! For new mamas- I have no idea yet, but I will get back to you on that one! And for fashion enthusiasts...again, be yourself! Wear what you love. That's kind of a good motto for all of this- do what you love and what makes YOU happy, always.

Thanks so much Chelsea for asking me these great questions. I've had a good time answering them, and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading them! Feel free to pop over to my blog and say hi- I'd love to meet you! :)

Thank you so much Danielle for doing this interview! I really loved reading your answers and learning more about you along the way!

Don't forget to stop by Danielle's blog and say hello!


October 25, 2010

A Trip to Schnepf Farms

Friday Scott and I went on a fall adventure-we went to Schenpf Farms with our friends Courtney and Sanford (they're fiances, and I just love them). For all of you non-locals, Schnepf farms is located about 40 minutes outside of Phoenix, and offers seasonal activities including peach picking, apple picking, various fall themed activities, etc.

This was Scott and I's second time out to the farm, but first time for Courtney and Sanford. I think we were all pretty excited though, because it was a new experience for everyone.

We started with some posed photos on top of the giant hay bail by the front entrance. Behind the bails were smashed pumpkins and rows of newly planted soil (said the little boys that told us not to walk through it to get to the sunflowers-oops!).

On the way in Scott and I also took a iconic head-hole picture (is that what you would call these?). We were a ghost, and a train passenger.

Next, we all took a ride on the 1920's carousel. Generally these rides make me a little woozy, but I think I was definitely able to handle this one because I was more focused on taking cute pictures!

Schnepf Farms also has a large petting zoo, complete with goats, cows, a donkey, etc. We figured our trip would not be complete without a little cute animal sighting.

Scott was very excited about the petting zoo!

They had sweet baby goats, and next to their pen there was a gumball machine full of food pellets to feed them.

Courtney met this cute little guy and decided to give him a treat.

There was also a sweet faced donkey that thought I needed some hand kisses.

They also had a pen with mountain goats in it, and one of the goats (the white one with big beard specifically) apparently really like Sanford and decided to give him a little love by sneezing all over him and biting his pant legs. Oh geez it was funny! What a cute guy the goat was though!

Schnepf Farms also has a mini amusement park area, complete with carnival rides, food stands, and a tennis ball launcher that was a big hit in our group.

Since it was starting to get dark, we figured it would be best to venture through the corn maze before the daylight was completely gone.

The maze we went through was actually a mini maze, compared to the 40 acres maze in the shape of the faces of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw that was on the edge of the farm (we unfortunately didn't have time to go through).

My outfit for the day was:
Cardigan: Frenchi
Button up: Levi's
Jeans: Leavi's
Black Boots: Steve Madden

This was my first time in a corn maze and I really loved it. In Arizona I feel we don't get many chance to experience fall staples such as this, so I was really excited to finally be able to venture through one (after 22 years of life!).

My favorite picture of the evening.

Before the day was over we took a walk through the sea of pumpkins, and decided that our Home Depot bought pumpkins were just as nice (even though one of them already molded over).

After the sun went down we went on a hunt for apple cider (no luck) and went on a hay ride, complete with a chance to feed baby dears.

Overall I had a wonderful time at Schnepf Farms, and feel lucky to have experienced such a wonderful fall themed evening. If you ever have a chance to visit the farm, I definitely suggest that you do!

Did you go to a pumpkin far yet this year? What was it like?