November 30, 2010

Cute Custom Headbands by Carly!

I wanted to give a little shout out today to Carly of Tea Cups and Bubble Baths.

Carly is currently selling these super cute headbands/ear warmers that she is making by hand, and I think they would be a great Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, or gift to yourself for the holiday season.

Carly is currently accepting custom orders, and you can learn all about them here.

Don't forget to browse around Carly's blog while you're there! She has a super sweet style!

An interview with Jill of Lune Vintage

This week I have a lovely interview with Jill of Lune Vintage. Jill owns an amazing vintage store that is currently in the midst of setting up in a new brick and mortar shop location (don't worry though, for all your non-Winnipeg dwellers, they have an online store as well). Jill also has an amazing, and unique style (think bohemian chic), and currently has a little one on the way.

Meet Jill:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
-Hi! My name is Jill, I'm 30 years old, have one son and a baby on the way in May. I married my highschool sweetheart in 2001, and I run Lune Vintage. Lune is both a mobile shop run out of a vintage 1976 Boler fiberglass camper trailer, and a local shop - open December 2010 in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?
-The Lune Blog was established almost 2 1/2 years ago. In the past year, I've become more active in curating Lune. I got turned on to blogging by my friend Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest. Before then, I had read a few fashion and design blogs, but never thought about using it as a business tool. It's become a lot more than that to me now.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your style?
-I'm a gypsy at heart, and a born and raised prairie girl. My love is always for the bohemian 1970's look, with a bit of edge.

4. I know that you're in the midst of opening a brick and mortar shop for Lune Vintage (so exciting!). Could you tell us a little bit about your new shop and business?
-This is actually the second permanent, independent store for Lune. We've operated through co-ops and vintage malls since 2005. In 2009 we opened our first Lune Vintage store for most of that year. This time around, we're incorporating our mobile trailer shop with our local shop and studio. It will serve as a place for me to create for Lune, as well as display and showcase our vintage collection.

5. What are your favorite trends for winter?
-I love that bohemian styling is in full swing. I'm especially attracted to rich velvets, capes, drippy mountins of candles in old wine bottles, and layers of gold and metals lockets and chains.

6. When you're not busy working on your shop, what else can you be found doing?
-Spending time with my family of course. My husband Todd and I are old movie lovers so we watch a lot of those. We especially love horror movies - even the bad ones (sometimes especially the bad ones). Well, I guess 'bad' is subject to interpretation. I spend a LOT of time thrifting and hunting down stock for the store, it's pretty much my main hobby too though. We also try to get crafty when we can.

7. With regards to fashion, what do you draw inspiration from?
-If I had the cash, i would probably shop almost exclusively at Free People. I love what they do. I'm also permanently enamored with the classic draped sillouettes by Halson Heritage. Of course, I can always draw inspiration from vintage pieces.

8. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?
I live in snug jeans or leggings, blank t's, and slouchy layers. I feel naked without at least a couple long chains and pendents. Plus, boots get my love all year long.

9. What does your family, and friends think about your blog?
-That's a good question! I don't think I've been asked that before. At first, I don't think they understood what I was doing, or why. By now, they're accepting of it. Most of my friends are very supportive and read the blog. My family kind of still acts like it dosen't exist. My son wants to be featured on it ALL the time though! My husband - never!

10. Do you have any advice for new bloggers out there? What about aspiring vintage lovers that just don't know where to start?
-For new bloggers - don't be intimidated by the fact that when you start blogging, it will seem like NO ONE is reading. It feels like it takes an eternity to get that first 50 or 100 followers, and after so many posts with no one commenting, it can be discouraging. Use this time to find your voice, your blogging style, and making it your own. Pay attention to what your favorite bloggers do to attract new readers, but don't try replicating their format. Find what makes you different - and let it blossom. Oh yeah, and commenting on others blogs you like and doing ad trades is a good way to get your blog out there for more to see!

-Vintage lovers, it just takes time to know what you like, and what works for you. Don't spend a lot of money right off the hop. Spend some time at thrift shops, and have fun. When you discover what you love, you'll be more confidant when purchasing through a vintage dealer or investing in a new piece.

Thank you so much Jill for doing this interview with me! Don't forget to check out Jill's blog (for extra inspiration and awesome DIY's of course) and shop!


November 29, 2010

Little Chelsea

Instead of Vegas photos tonight I give you a photo of myself and my cousin Cammie when I was around the age of one (I'm guessing here).

I super wish I still had that dress today.

Scott's jar lamps featured on Jackalope Ranch

This morning I was informed from a lovely reader that Scott's jar lamps were featured in a blog post on Jackalope Ranch (a Phoenix culture blog produced by a local publication, The Phoenix New Times).

I am just so excited about Scott being featured and I just had to share! His lamps were included in a wish list of things that the blogger/publication would go back for.

They said, "2. Mason Jar lights by John Scott Goodson Lights made from mason jars and CFLs. Here's a bright idea: Purchase these lights for $20-$30."

Photo by: D'Aundra Wallace

To read the full post just click here.

Also, I have another blog post to come hopefully tonight. With being in Vegas, flying home last night, and sleeping past my alarm this morning I haven't been able to get everything I want down on paper (or blog), but promise that good posts are on their way!


November 27, 2010

Not knowing is the hardest part

"Someday I’ll be living in a big ole city."

Sometimes I find it hard to not know exactly what is going to happen in the future, next weekend, tomorrow, or even today. I have such high hopes for my future, and the fact that I don't know exactly what it will entail almost kills me. I know they say the beauty is in the journey, but I wish I could know now so I could enjoy the beauty, instead of worrying about other things along the way.

Do any of you ever feel this way?


November 26, 2010

Tony & Odessa /// Engagement Photos

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for my cousin Odessa, and her fiance Tony. Tony and Odessa are planning a vintage carnival themed wedding for February 19th of next year, and I'm super excited to celebrate their special day with them.

Tony and Odessa dated for seven years before getting engaged. Tony asked Odessa to marry him on his birthday this year, a perfect present in my opinion.

The park that we took photos at had a carousel that went along perfect with Tony and Odessa's wedding theme!

(even though you can't really see the detail, Odessa's ring is spectacular (hint, hint Scott!).)

(one of my favorites.)

A little fun with instax:

Tony and Odessa were great sports during this photo shoot, and certainly didn't let the hot and cold weather get in their way of taking incredibly sweet photos.

I feel like I should ask, do you think Odessa and I look alike? She is my first cousin on my dad's side, and over the last few months I've realized how similar in personality we are (she gets my OCD ways.).

I am honestly so happy for Tony and Odessa, and also for the fact that they asked me to take these special photos for them, photos that they will have to look back on the rest of their life.

Congratulations Tony and Odessa, I love you both very much! Welcome to the family Tony!


November 25, 2010

A little thankfulness

First off, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the lovely bloggers and readers out there. I hope your day is full of family, thankfulness, and good food.

Here is a little list of a few things that I am thankful for:
-My wonderful, crazy family
-My amazing boyfriend that takes care of me so well
-Gina Marie, ya know, because she just gets me
-Bloggers, and all the great people that read about my life on a regular basis
-Coffee, because I probably couldn't get through a day without it

There are many more things that I am thankful for, but for now this little list will do.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and a very happy Thanksgiving.

November 24, 2010

Team Gryffindor

To start off, I want to say thank you to Heather and Cara over at We Love Colors. Recently I received a package from them, and was thrilled with the color selection.

I had been eying those maroon tights for quite some time now, after seeing them on Tania's blog ages ago, and was thrilled at the thought of wearing them to see Harry Potter, ya know, in support of Gryffindor.


Peace charm: Tiffany's
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shirt: Frenchi
Lion broach: Art Equals Happy Etsy shop
Skirt: Banana Republic ($12 on sale!)
Maroon tights: c/o We Love Colors
Oxfords: Steve Madden

Scott also decided to join in on the outfit fun this day, and showed off his cozy look for me.

Alpaca scarf: Gift from my momma
Jacket: Banana Republic
shirt: Hanes
Khakis: Levi's
Shoes: Bass

Since we were going to go see Harry Potter this day, I also felt compelled to wear my lion broach that I purchased on Etsy all the way from England.

This week Scott and I have been busy with school, work, meetings, and eating oatmeal (two mornings in a row!). We are both very excited for Thanksgiving, and look forward to spending time with our families.

After today, I will only have about two weeks of school (a few days in between last day of class and finals). I can't believe how fast the year has gone by, and that it's already time to start preparing for Christmas. We haven't put up our tree yet, or started Christmas shopping, but I have a feeling that will all happen this weekend (I LOVE black friday, don't think Scott does though!).

Lately this log has been a staple in our outfit posts. I blame this on the fact that it's just so convenient to take photos in the morning before we leave for school (ya know, when my hair still looks good :] ).

Oh, and I also almost fall off this log quite often. As you can see here:

This look is one of my favorites lately. Wearing it made me feel like I was in high school still, attending one of the many uniform wearing schools we have around here (except my skirt wasn't plaid, and I wasn't forced to wear a weird collared).

Scott really is loving this scarf that my mom gave him earlier this year. The only problem is that it's made out of alpaca hair and sheds like crazy!

I will leave you with a photo of my darling Jake, sporting his yoda look.

What do you have planned for Thanksgiving? Are you going Black Friday shopping?

A Little Work of Art

For Scott and I's anniversary back in October he made me two lovely pieces of art. For the last four years he has always given me a piece of his work on our anniversary, and I think it's amazing to have a piece from each year of our relationship. I truly believe each piece signifies us as a couple, and him as in individual and an artist, for each year we have been together.

The first piece is this beautiful wood-burned ampersand that now sits above my desk in our art room. It was made using re-claimed wood, white wash paint, and a wood-burning tool.

Scott and I love ampersands, and I just know this piece will look great in our home one day.

Scott also made me a lovely C & S sign.

He used re-claimed wood, white wash paint, and letters from Hobby Lobby (gold spray painted white).

For a long time now I've been eyeing vintage letters that stood for Scott and I's name, but have never seemed to end up finding ones that I completely loved. Now Scott and I have our very own sign and letters to make our future home pretty (and craft room extra personal for now).

Thank you John Scott for the lovely pieces of art. You're so good to me!

November 23, 2010

An interview with Kristine of & Everything Nice

Today I have an interview with Kristine of & Everything Nice. Kristine and I have been internet friends for many years now (think Myspace age), and have continued to stay in touch through various means of social networking. I really adore Kristine's style (and her art as well), and I'm really excited to post this interview. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Kristine and I run the blog & Everything Nice. I'd like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of girl, unless what's in the glass is disgusting, the I'd like to think of it as half empty. I'm 22 years young and am halfway through my senior year at Indiana University. I'm majoring in Spanish and Ethnomusicology (world music & culture). I've always been fascinated with languages. I wish I could learn them all. I've been taking Spanish since middle school and just started French. I have a constant craving to travel, which is one reason why languages and world cultures are so important to me. I've always been incredibly interested in fashion, especially vintage clothing. I work at a boutique/thrift store called Cactus Flower when I'm not at school or traveling. I work with some of my best friends and get a good chunk of my clothing there. I have no idea what I'm going to do after I graduate (besides move out of Indiana), but I'm definitely excited to start a new chapter of my life. I love adventure.

2. What got you interested in blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?

I've been interested in blogging since I discovered the internet. I'm still amazed with the fact that people can share their thoughts and express themselves through this medium. I started blogging in middle school, but it was a lot different than what I do now. I used to blog solely to write, but it just wasn't enough for me. I had too many other things that I loved and I needed to be able to share them too. I put a whole lot of love into my blog and get a lot of inspiration from other people that really put themselves into their blogs too. It's a beautiful thing!

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your style?

Hm, I feel like my style is all over the place! I adore vintage styles and wear clothing anywhere from the 1940s up until now. I also really love to mix today's styles with more vintage looks. Lately I've been wearing thigh high socks, boots, vintage dresses, and cardigans.

4. What does your daily routine look like?

After hitting the snooze button on my alarm a half a dozen times, I make myself tea or coffee (anything with caffeine) and either head to work or class. On campus, I usually catch up on my favorite blogs or pleasure read in between my classes. In the evenings I almost always grab dinner with my best friends and Skype with my boyfriend if our timezones aren't too mixed up.

5. What are your favorite trends for fall? I'm in love with thigh-high and knee-high socks. I've been wearing them a lot because it's started to cool down a lot here. I'm also really into red lipstick and anything navy, olive green, or black. I wear my lace-up black boots or my brown Clarks desert boots everyday.

6. When you're at school or blogging, what can you be found doing? When I'm at school, I'm usually rushing around trying to get everything ready for my classes and in-between all of that, I'm usually blogging in the lab, at a coffee shop, or at home. Other than that, I'm usually working (which I love) or with my close friends thrifting, eating, or being completely spontaneous.

7. With regards to fashion, what do you draw inspiration from?

8. If you had to pick one outfit to wear the rest of your life, what would it look like?

I could sit and think about this question for hours, but I'm not going to let myself do that, haha! I would probably wear some rolled up skinny jeans, my Clarks desert boots, and a comfy sweater or cardigan. If I had to be in it forever, it better be comfortable and cute at the same time!

9. What does your boyfriend, family, and friends think about your blog?

It means a lot to me that those close to me love what I do, and my boyfriend, family, and friends are all incredibly supportive. My mom, dad, and brother all have my blog bookmarked! It makes me feel pretty loved. My boyfriend Matt looks at it too, which makes me smile because he's insanely busy on tour. I make my way out to him when I can and it works out well because I love to travel and I love his music (Local Natives). My friends are great! We all read each others' blogs, which is something fun to have in common.

10. Do you have any advice to aspiring fashion bloggers? What about someone simply interested in blogging, but really doesn't know where to start? For all of those people that say "I've thought about starting a blog, but have no idea what I'd write about," put what you love on your blog! The possibilities are endless. There really aren't any creative boundaries when it comes to blogging and you don't have to stick with just one genre or idea. Start blogging about something you love and I'm sure someone else out there could learn something new from you. That's why I love it! I love making new friends and blogging is a good way to do that. I love receiving e-mails and just learning more about other people. Come visit my blog, & Everything Nice and say hello!

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me Kristine! I hope everyone checks out

& Everything Nice and leaves a few sweet comments for Kristine today.


November 22, 2010

On a Chilly Morning

"And in the morning..."

Flower headband: Oh My Deer Love Etsy Shop
Jacket: Banana Republic
Button-Up: Levi's
Jeggings: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Sweater: Eddie Bauer
Button-up: Levi's
Khakis: Levi's
Shoes: Merrel

Lately Scott and I have been trying to balance out our life: school, work, social life, crafting, time together, but luckily for us all things have been working out in our favor and we've been enjoying some down time. At this point I feel like we're in the "calm before the storm" period. Come later this week we'll start preparing for finals, and getting things ready for the holidays.

This week I'm looking forward to two days of school (my usual actually haha) and one day of my internship (hooray!!). I'm also very much looking to time off, sharing Thanksgiving day with my loved ones, and Christmas shopping of course.

The light in the morning has been really good to us lately, but I have a feeling that the storm that is brewing outside is going to make the mornings a little more foggy, and darker than usual.

Lately I've been really loving boots. I'm sure you couldn't tell though

Here's to a calm, stress free week filled with happiness, good food, movie watching, spending time with family, and shopping.

What do you have planned for this week? What are you hoping for?