January 13, 2011

Abandoned Chandler

For a few weeks now I have been obsessed with the idea of finding, and roaming around a few abandoned buildings. Since I live in a city that is pretty built out and full, there isn't much room for such a thing, but while out in Chandler Scott and I spotted this abandoned home right off the side of the road. I immediately told Scott to turn around, and pull over so we could look around.

The home was most likely built in the 1970's, and therefore not incredibly old, bust till neat. All the glass windows were gone, and the inside was filled with bees, so Scott and I stuck pretty close to the outside of the building.

Cardigan: My mom's; Striped long sleeved shirt: Banana Republic; J typewriter necklace: Fancy Tiger; Jeans: Levi's; Rings: vintage and a family heirloom; Bracelet: Kate Spade; Shoes: Sperry's

Jacket: Banana Republic; Shirt: Target; Jeans: Levi's; Boots: Fossil

The house was sitting on a couple acres of land, and right behind it was a large farming field with dozens of sheep on it. I felt kind of strange wandering around the home, and may gotten spooked a few times, but overall thought it was pretty neat to be there. Sometime in the future I would like to go back, and discover similar buildings.

I may or may not have grabbed Scott's hand a few times when I thought something moved, or that someone was in the house, but shhh.

I purchased this vintage J typewriter necklace from Fancy Tiger, an amazing craft store in downtown Denver that my friend Ashley told me about. The J stands for John, Scott's first name (I know I've mentioned that before, but usually refer to my guy as Scott).

Rings are one of my very favorite things, and the two I am wearing were both gifts. The ring with the garnet in the middle was a gift from my grandma Betty before she passed away, and the turquoise ring was a gift from Scott (I picked it out from a local vintage store). The black Kate Spade idiom bracelet, which says "Draw the Line" on the inside, was a Christmas money purhcase, and it's one of my new favorite accessories.

Scott's SLR camera was a thrift find. It's a Canon AE-1, and the zoom lens on it was also thrifted. It takes beautiful photos (as directed by it's great photographer), and today we are picking up a roll of film that we shot in the very first week of the new year. Promise to try and share a few!

Today Scott and I don't really have too much planned, other than picking up our photos. Ideally, I would like to go shopping for a vintage satchel bag, pick up a iced honey vanilla latte from Giant Coffee, and take a few outfit photos, but we'll see where the day takes us.

Do you think abandoned buildings are neat, or just spooky? What are your plans for today?


  1. love that post, the place looks awesome and spooky but in a fun way!

  2. Love it! I see them all the time where I live, but I'm always scared to stop and look around. haha! Can't wait to see your film pictures!

  3. Oooooh, very fun! I'm also fascinated with abandoned buildings. I think they're super spooky and romantic, ya know? The sixth picture from the top and the last one are my absolute favorites.

    Hm... next time I see an abandoned building I'll have to build up the courage to stop.

    <3 Deanna

  4. great pictures! i just adore your long hair! i dream of waking up and it magically being that long!


  5. Love love love this post! Cute outfits, nice background, & most importantly: great jewelry! Haha. I LOVE that typewriter necklace, now I want to find one (a B) on Etsy! Also, that Kate Spade bangle is perfect! If they fit me, I would totally buy some, they're so cute. And isn't it nice when rings have a story behind them? :)

  6. You guys are cute. The cutest, perhaps. You have magical hair and your photos are always so beautiful!

    Haha MY day today was a 6 hour lecture and I'm supposed to be in the 3-hour lecture that followed, but I went home instead to shower and nap.

    Then I plan on finding milkshakes with Ryan (he got a new job-- we're celebrating!) Gotta make the most of skipping a lecture..!


  7. Where in Chandler is this? I live in Chandler and there in an abandoned house near me that I have been dying to sneak up to for a while. I don't think yours is the same one, but I just may have to get some guts to check it out now.

  8. Awh! love all of these pictures! I especially love the last one! You guys are so cute<3

  9. Hi! Just started to read your blog! Looking great :) Love from Finland!

  10. I loooove these photos. There's something so mysteriously beautiful about the broken emptiness in abandoned homes. I always want to know the story behind it. You and John Scott are so adorable. You two melt my heart! Love the outfit and those rings are to die for <3

  11. This is Chandler, Arizona?
    I used to live a couple hours south of there in Sierra Vista (little no where town with plenty abandoned homes)
    If you ever want to see a nice national reserve and are up for a hike
    check out Ramsy Canyon Nature Preserve! :D
    Amazing pictures, I need to get camera like yours!!

  12. I think old abandoned places are cool, there's so much history. I like to think about what the place used to be like, and what kind of people were there!

    I have an SLR and I've been meaning to get film for it! Where do you get the film for yours, and do you get b&w or color? Just looking for some suggestions! Thanks!

  13. Little Tree- It definitely was!

    Kristi- Thank you!

    Deanna- You definitely should!

    CB- Awwh, thank you so much :]

    Cara-Mia- Thank you so much! Good luck in your hunt :]

    Emily Anne- Oh geez, thanks darling! Hope you and Ryan had fun!

    Sarah- It's off of Arizona Ave. and a little past Germann going toward Casa Grande. I know there is another one in that area that I stopped at before :]

    Vanessa- Thank you!

    Because- Thank you so much!

    Claggie- Thank you darling! I wish I knew the background of the house as well, it was so neat :]

    Courtney- I know where Sierra Vista is! Thank you for the suggestion! :]

    Alex- I'm the same way! Oh, and I usually buy my film from Walgreens, but not usually the store brand (I find they tear easily), or from Tempe Camera in Tempe, AZ. I usually always buy color, but my boyfriend likes B&W film. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  14. I love these photos for two reasons:

    1. You and Scott are adorable and the photos are beautiful, as always.

    2. My dad is a photographer, and during the 70's, when he and my mom were dating, he would always shoot her in amazing abandoned buildings. She had long, long, long blonde hair like you, and my dad had scruffy dark hair like Scott. So you remind me of them! It's so sweet. Thank you. : )