January 1, 2011

Bookstore Refuge

Happy 1-1-11 blogging friends. I can't believe the new year is already here. 2010 seemed to go by fast, but I'm happy that a new year is here and the possibilities for adventures are endless.

Today Scott and I are starting a brand new New Year's day tradition, and I'm excited to share it with you later. For now though, I have an outfit post.

As some of you may have heard (or experienced yourself) the weather in Phoenix has been frightful. It's been cold, rainy, and snowy for the past couple of days, such a change from the 70 degree weather we had on Christmas.

Cardigan: DC
Scarf: Forever 21
Shirt: Target
Bag: Coach
Jeggings: Levi's
Boots: Steve Madden

The other day it was pouring in Phoenix, just pouring, and Scott and I decided to take refuge in a local Barnes & Noble for some book browsing.

Coat: Banana Republic
Sweater: Banana Republic
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Quicksilver
Shoes: Bass

Growing up I went through phases where I would read a bunch, and then not read at all for some time. Nowadays I read when I have time (summers mostly), but still adore going to a bookstore and browsing their selection and picking out something that I hope to read soon. Growing up my dad and I always went to a Borders near my house and we would spend an hour at a time looking at magazines, and books. It's one of my fondest memories of growing up.

Since it was pouring outside I also opted to wear my raincoat this day. I purchased it this summer when I was in Colorado in May and it was snowing. It's made by Burton, and technically a snowboard jacket, but it works perfect for rainy days.

What is your favorite section in the bookstore? Do you sit and read magazines, or grab a book and read through parts of it?


  1. I too live in Phoenix and the weather has been awful! It even snowed when I was in Scottsdale the other day -which I've got to admit was super cool! Good idea to take refuge in B&N, when we go we never end up buying anything, just reading through random book in the comfy chairs, it's bliss =)

  2. happy new year chelsea!
    i work in a bookstore so i have little favorites scatter throughout. the magazines are always near and dear to my heart though.
    happy day :))

  3. gosh, chels, I can't get over how great that bag is. Great pick on your parent's part and what a fun jacket! Can't wait to hear about the new tradition. :)

    When at the bookstore I tend to roam until something strikes me and then depending on mood, i usually sit in a certain section and browse the books, some times art and architecture, style, fiction, anything and everything.

    i wander, i wonder

  4. love your boots!!
    happy 2011!

  5. Happy new year, doll! That jacket is wonderful! I think I'm going to have to browse through snowboarding jackets to wear as raincoats. I had previously bought that same Coach bag for myself in grey, but I had to return it.

    I love wandering through bookstores! As for favorite section, it depends on what I'm feeling. My boy and I like reading magazines and flipping through photography books together. I find the self-improvement and astrology sections fun, too.

  6. Cute pics!


  7. I love your boots and your rain jacket! We have the bookstore thing in common :) I love to browse books...and I admit to judging books by their cover and/or spine. haha! I actually just bought several books earlier this week. Of course it'll take me a couple of years to get to them all. My reading is rather sporadic too :)

    Happy New Year!

  8. I love the literature, cooking and children's sections of bookstores. I especially love looking through used/vintage children's books. Also, that cardigan is especially cute and looks very cozy. :) :)

  9. I love that purse! I've always wanted to invest in really nice bag but I flit from one to another so much it's hard to justify! And what a great location for pictures! Love it. :) Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year Chelsea!
    I'm on the same page as you (excuse the cheesy pun). I use to read a lot when I was younger too, then I sort of just stopped. Now, I try to fit all my leisure reading time in the summer! My favorite section is the fiction/poetry :] ...and 70 degree weather on Christmas, crazy!

  11. love love LOVE your bag and your boots are perfect!

    peace. love. create.

  12. can you tell me where you got your cardigan? or give us a link?!!

    so cute

    thanks, Addy