January 7, 2011

Flagstaff Fairgrounds

While in Flagstaff I had a bit of an outfit change. I had been dying to wear a similar outfit while in Colorado, but ran out of town. I really felt this outfit was worthy of snow, and I'm glad that while we were in Flagstaff we got to pull over in the local fairgrounds and take more photos in their pretty landscape.

Since it was 30 or so degrees out, the coat was necessary for the trek over to this part of the field. However, the sun was warming the area and after only a few minutes and I decided to take it off to show off the rest of my outfit.

Green jacket: Old Navy; cardigan: J Crew; white top: Eddie Bauer; wool skirt: Gap; gloves: Nordstroms; lurex glitter tights in gold: c/o We Love Colors; boots: Steve Madden

I've been trying to wear these tights for quite some time now. They are a bit flashy, but in a good way. I knew I needed to wear them with solid colors so that they would be the shining piece (no pun intended). I feel they are definitely a conversation starter, and I will for sure be wearing them again, because what girl couldn't use a little glitter in her life.

The area that Scott and I took these photos in was absolutely stunning. I come here usually once a year in September when fall is just starting to settle in and it's absolutely beautiful. All the pine trees make me swoon, and I've decided that the area looks even better during winter, even though the roads were a little slick (and the parking lots was full of snow).

Yesterday was such a busy day for Scott and I. We got loads done for the approaching semester, including getting Scott his ASU Id card (hooray!), and also were finally able to use our gym membership that we've been neglecting due to those busy schedules we had last semester.

Today we don't have much plan, other than seeing Country Strong. What are you up to today?


  1. I think I have that same jacket in gray! Cute outfit!

  2. I think this is my favourite outfit post thus far! So cutes.

  3. i love the combo of the tights and the wool and printed cardigan, chelsea! very cute! my boss is wearing sparkly tights today too and I love them! I need to get some.

    Let me know what you thought of country strong. I'm not sure yet if I want to go see it.

    i wander, i wonder

  4. Hey! I have been reading your blog for awhile now. LOVE IT!
    Once a week I write an LOL:Letter of Love. I'd love it if you took this challenge with me.


  5. adorable outfit!
    i especially love your coat!

    xx elanor

  6. Your cardigan is amazing.
    I really like this whole outfit though!

    xox mama wolf.

  7. Teacup adventure- Neat! It's an oldy, but I love it!

    Liz- Thank you! That's soo kind of you!

    Artichoke- Thank you<3

    Sylvia- Thank you! I was a little weary of mixing the patterns and textured, but really love how the outfit looked. Hope you get some glitter tights soon!

    Teaandlove- Thank you so much for your support! I will definitely check it out!

    Elanor- Thank you so much!

    Mama Wolf- Oh geez, thanks girl :]

  8. LOVE the outfit!

    I'm really in love with the cardigan!