January 5, 2011

Flagstaff Wanderings

Yesterday Scott and I went on a very last minute day trip to Flagstaff, Arizona (about two hours north of Phoenix). Every year we go up to see the snow, and to spend a little time away from the city. Flagstaff was recently hit with a snow storm, so we figured we had to go immediately to see it all before it melted.

We took hundreds of photos, and I would like to share a good load of them with you. So expect a handful of posts from our trip to Flagstaff. I first want to start with an outfit post where Scott and I are showing off our "It's 30 degrees outside and we're freezing so we're going to bundle up a ton" look.

Sunglasses: Ray bans; Hot toddy cowl: c/o Spotted Moth; Wool jacket: Banana Republic; Blue cardigan: DC; Floral cardigan: JCrew; White shirt: Eddie Bauer; Jeggings: Levi's; Boots: Steve Madden

Knit beanie: Gap; Sunglasses: Ray bans; Black jacket: The North Face; wool cardigan: Eddie Bauer; Plaid flannel: Levi's; Thermal: Not sure; Gloves: Not sure; Pants: Levi's; Boots: Fossil

These photos were taken during our walk around downtown Flagstaff. The area is so cute, and is filled with boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants. While wandering around I spotted this amazing, worn out sign painting and just knew that was our spot to take outfit photos for the day. I've always been obsessed with these signs, as I feel they really show off the history of the town, and the forgotten past.

Since it was literally freezing Scott and I thought we both needed to wear gloves (something we usually don't need in Phoenix). It was funny trying to hold hands when I had convertible mittens, and Scott had just regular, cover your whole hand mittens. Needless to say I opted to just put my arm in his.

(The alley we stood on the edge of.)

(Can you see my red nose? It was frozen!)

In our last minute planning I decided to bring my Steve Madden lace-up boots instead of my Uggs that I usually wear in snowy weather. I unfortunately didn't realize that the these shoes have absolutely no traction until we got there, and I spent most of slipping and sliding around the Flagstaff streets. Oops! Rookie mistake!

Scott and I honestly love Flagstaff, and it was so nice to spend some time together wandering around such a cute town. We loved how snowy it was, and the fact that there were icicles hanging off of buildings every where. It's really the little things that count.

Have you gone on any day trips recently? Where do you usually go when you do go on them?



  1. These are great. You guys are a perfect couple.

    I haven't gone on trips recently. Also, I'm terrified of air planes and always dream I'm on an air plane, crashing. That doesn't help much.

  2. Chelsea, I love that coat and cowl! So cute and cozy! Hope you had a great time. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  3. You guys are so cute. Ryan and I used to take quick trips up to Prescott whenever we could.

  4. This outfit is great! I love your scarf - It's super cute!

    KF x

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  6. my comment randomly deleted for some reason! your outfit is so cute.... even if the boots are slippery in the snow!

  7. I've always loved Flagstaff and I miss it! :(

    The Sweetest Life

  8. Have fun!!! (and get drinks in the Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge)

  9. your pictures are just getting cuter and cuter!

  10. Lovely photos! The setting's amazing.

  11. I love love love downtown Flag! We celebrated our anniversary there last year. Maybe we'll do it again this year :)