January 29, 2011

Giant Coffee, Take 2

Recently Scott and I went Giant Coffee in Phoenix to try their much talked about honey vanilla latte.

To me, Giant is so aesthetically appeasing. I really dig the modern/raw style they have going on in the shop. I also really enjoy the vibe, and enjoy going there for the occasional latte or pour-over.

Scott got a pour-over coffee, and I got a iced, non-fat honey vanilla latte.

The iced honey vanilla latte was very sweet, but oh so tasty. I'm usually not a person that is into sweet coffee drinks, but for this one I can make an exception.

See all the honey at the bottom?

When we go out for coffee, Scott and I usually share. I'm generally an iced coffee person, and he is usually a hot coffee person, so we like to share and get the best of both worlds. I am so thankful to have him to share coffees with (and kisses, hugs, and life of course).

What do you usually order at coffee shops? Are you an iced, or hot person?


  1. yum coffee....That's so cool that there was honey at the bottom! It makes me want coffee now.

  2. Your eyes match your sweater in the last picture!
    My hubby and I love sharing coffees on Sunday mornings when we go to different farmers markets and flea markets.

  3. Mmm honey! I'm with you on the iced coffee.

  4. that place looks right up my alley! i'm a total hot brew in the cold months, and plain old iced cofee (or soy chai) in the summer. you have the prettiest green eyes! xo

  5. loving the aesthetic of that cafe!
    I am a hot coffee person: Soy latte w/ hazelnut or almond syrup & a dash of cinnamon on top!

  6. I like both kinds of coffee ! I find it hard to pick sometimes. That latte sounds lovely if not a little too sweet maybee!

  7. The old coffee shop that I worked at had Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup. That in a white mocha is absolute heaven! Kinda sweet though. If you don't like sweet drinks order half of each flavor (white chocolate and BSC). Seriously, cinnamon roll in a cup! Deeeeelicious!

    Must try that vanilla with honey, though. Sounds amazing!

  8. I love GIant Coffee! It's walking distance from my new job, so I've gone over there almost every afternoon to grab a scone or coffee (they have half-priced pastries for happy hour!). In fact, I've been craving another honey vanilla latte, so since it's my day off I think I'll stop in!

  9. Wish- The honey at the bottom was soo good!

    Poe- Sounds like the perfect afternoon!

    Kuleigh- Glad someone likes them as well :]

    Marie Bee- Thank you darling xoxo

    Punk- Your drink choices sound delicious!

    Daisy- The latte was a bit sweet :]

    Victoria- That sounds so good!

    Kara- I hope you got one!