January 26, 2011

Hot Coffee Mural

One of the things I love about Phoenix is that there is always something new to discover. After Scott and I's coffee date at Giant Coffee the other day we decided to scour the area for a nice place to take photos. Well, we didn't end up having to look too far, as we found this wonderful mural on the backside of the building.

Sunglasses: Ray Bans; Cardigan: Frenchi; Long tank top: AA; Necklace: gift from my mom; Jeans: Levi's; rings; from my grandmother and Scott; Boat shoes: leopard Sperrys; Bag: Coach

Finding this cute mural was like a little blessing for the day. I absolutely adore it, and have plans to come back in the future for more cute photos.

My outfit this day was pretty comfy and casual. Scott and I were running errands, and the weather was warm. It was so nice to have a iced, non-fat honey vanilla latte to cool me down though.

Lately Scott and I have been cutting back on our coffee dates. However, with the semester in full swing, I see many more in our near future.

Since Scott and I have opposite schedules, I do see many solo coffee dates in my future as well. Every other day, in the middle of the day, I have over an hour and a half break that leaves much time to get sleepy before my next and last class. I'm pretty lucky though because I have three coffee shops directly surrounding my school, so my options are pretty open. If you're wondering what they are, we have two local shops, Fair Trade at Civic Space Park, and Royal at the Market, and then we have a Starbucks that is connected to the campus's dorm rooms.

Do you have any neat coffee related murals in your area? I absolutely love antique coffee murals and signs!

What is on your to-do list today? Coffee perhaps?


  1. Love your leopard Sperry's (and didn't even know such a shoe even existed!), and that honey vanilla latte sounds insane. I never would've thought to try one -- do you use real honey, or is that a signature flavor at one of the local coffee shops you frequent?

    Oh, and... I already grabbed my coffee for the day.

  2. Coffee is on my list! I took a day off to work, so I will be in a coffee shop outlining the next term.

    You look adorable, by the way, and I love that mural. Cute.

    Have a great Wednesday!


  3. oh my gosh I am IN LOVE with your leopard Sperrys!....I've never seen any like that before, where did you find them??

    I also love your top...so simple but cute!

    I'm really going to have to try Giant Coffee, it seems great, is that the one off of 7th ave? I always end up at Lux, that's my go to coffee shop.

  4. Ohmy. Leopard Sperry's?! I NEED THEM.

  5. You two are super cute. I love coffee dates and going to the coffee shop and everything associated with the procurement and the drinking of coffee. The coffee shop I used to hang out in in college was like the center of all social life and style inspiration for me. Now there's this one place in Austin that I like to go to because it's great people watching, and there's a mural on the side that says "I Love You So Much." Cute, huh?

  6. I adore your cardigan it's such a fantastic color!

    <3 Deanna

    of: http://barefootblogginglove.blogspot.com/

  7. I always love your posts! And your photos are great! Inspires me to take some outfits shots now and again. :]

    thanks for your sweet comment about my lion badges. <3 lots of love!

  8. Aw, love your outfit! Yellow and gray is such a great color combo. And what a fun mural - I think your blog is really going to help me appreciate Phoenix more!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  9. a little bit envious of your cardigan weather! love your outfit, as usual! <3

  10. Today so far has seen a coffee date in my kitchen, a coffee date with my work coffeepot, and a diet mtn dew... caffeine accomplished!

    I go to the phoenix area frequently to visit my parents- do you have any favorite spots for coffee or parks or cafes/ restaurants you'd like to share with a friendly blogger? If so, let me know at merigoesround.blogspot.com

  11. I looove that mural and your outfit too! <3

  12. great sweater & outfit. x

    p.s. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  13. Cool mural! And THIS IS MY FAVORITE OUTFIT! Love it so much! The colors are just great, Chelsea! :)

  14. You two are my favorite. You guys always look so cute. I love coffee murals too! The city I used to live in in Australia serioulsy had the best coffee shops and murals I had ever seen/been to. I miss it so much. I want to come visit your city, it looks so lovely! Love your sunnies and outfit lady. That color yellow looks perfect on you!! and you and your boys shoes...eep. Dont get me started! xo

  15. Awh I love your outfit!!! So adorable!

  16. I have the same AA top. You make me want to wear mine today. You look beautiful, as you always do!