January 15, 2011

January Sponsor Highlight Post

This month I was really blessed to have such great sponsors, and I would love to introduce them to you. First though, I would like to say that it is an honor to have them as sponsors, and I really appreciate all their support (as well as yours, amazing blog followers).

Without further ado,

Seablanket - "Hi, I'm Chelsea, also known as Seablanket. I like to make things by hand and share those things with you. What I love: deer, thrift shopping, tattoos, creating things by hand, sunglasses, vegan baking, nature, apple computers, espresso soda and vinyl."

We Love Colors - "We Love Colors is a unique clothing company founded in 2003 as a family-run business. We offer the best selection of colors in tights, leggings, fishnets, socks and dancewear, and more! Everything is hand dyed in Miami, FL and shipped all over the world! We have items for women, children, and men from kids to plus sizes. We Love Colors is currently offering over 50 solid colors and 13 hand dyed splash colors. We hope you enjoy our colors and find your own unique expression with We Love Colors apparel."

Garden of Eden Designs - "My life's number one aspiration is to make the impossible, possible. It seems like a very demanding goal, but in reality I solve it by making my passions my guide. I grew up in a very creative family and love expressing myself. Whether I am making jewelry, designing clothes, or painting, I love sharing my creativity with others which is why I started Garden of Eden Designs and my blog be one of kind."

A New Beginning - "Hello, my name is Justine. I am a 21 year old this month. I love God, cats, blogs, my family, font, design, missions, dreaming, lists, goals, encouraging, sitting on roofs, worship, chocolate, cameras, photo shop, html, and so much more. Come say hi so we can e-meet and be best friends!"

Pamplemousse1983 - "Hello! Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet! I am passionate about photography and all forms of art. I enjoy long walks on the beach and kissing in the rain. 

If you'd like to know more about me you can check out my blog."

Be sure to check out all my sponsors and leave them a comment or something to say hello. They are very much appreciated over here at Tea Talk and deserve YOUR support as well.

Happy Saturday!



  1. i need those microfiber footless tights in a big way right now. those are great.

  2. Suzy- Oh my, they are my absolute favorite tights ever! I highly suggest them!