January 27, 2011

Liberty Market Breakfast Date V 2.0

On MLK Day Scott and I went to Liberty Market, one of our most favorite breakfast spots.

Since this was our last day before we went back to school, we figured we needed to celebrate with a little breakfast date (something we may not get to do much while we are in school).

Liberty Market has been one of our favorite restaurants for awhile now. They have amazing breakfast dishes, great coffee, yummy sandwich and pizza, and an overall awesome atmosphere. They are always playing great music in there i.e. death cab, postal service, etc., and all the staff is very friendly.

For breakfast Scott and I both decide to get yogurt with dried fruit and granola. I also got a berry scone, and he got a side of wheat toast.

The scones at Liberty Market are my favorite. They are always so moist, filled with berries, and served with the yummiest cream and jelly.

Scott and I both really liked our food, and were completely stuffed when we left. There were so many people at Liberty Market this morning, but it still felt like one of the coziest places. If I could, I would spend every morning sipping coffee and having a little breakfast at LB. If only I lived closer!

Have I mentioned that they have really great house coffee? Well, they do. I usually have two or three cups when I'm there (oh my!).

Having a yummy breakfast date is one of my most favorite things. When I eat a good breakfast I always feel great throughout the rest of the day. I know I've said this before, but I am truly a breakfast/early morning person. I just adore getting up early, having a cup of coffee, and eating a good meal in the morning.

Are you a morning person?


  1. Looks like a fantastic breakfast! I love scones, and that one looks especially tasty :)

  2. I live in Gilbert and love Liberty Market! I don't go there too often though... Maybe I should! PS Their bread pudding is really good, too!

  3. not a morning person at ALL, but i wish i was :( lovely photos, you always go to the best places!

  4. You look so good in the morning! Gosh, I always look like such a train wreck..though, I do love my mornings. Im definately a morning person! I love that you and your boy always go out to eat in cute little cafes. You guys are the greatest. xo

  5. I've always been a morning person! <3 When I was little I used to wake up before my parents and sneak out into the backyard (in the dark!) I gave my parents quite a scare once when they heard someone singing on the swing-set before the sun came out. Needless to say they then set the law down about me needed to wait until it was light to go in the backyard. ;]

    <3 Deanna

    of: http://barefootblogginglove.blogspot.com/

  6. great blog!
    that scone looks delicious! :)
    ♥ amber


  7. OH... Downtown Gilbert is charming. I frequent Liberty Market.

  8. I'm a morning person too, for sure! Sometimes I feel like the only one. It's the best time of the day to get things done or just have an adventure or outing!

  9. that last photo of you is so gorgeous.
    see, i was right...you look great when you smile with your teeth :D

  10. Oh how I'd like to be a morning person.I used to be as a young school girl...but now, working as a hotel receptionist, I stop everyday at around 11 pm...I reach home later and I go to bed at 1.30 or 2 a.m....so I need to sleep until 10.30 AT LEAST! But like yesterday I woke up at 12, or today at 11.30..my biorhythm has changed so much in these 5 years....really...It's so good to wake up at sunrise, enjoy morning sun, fresh air, good breakfast..but it's so impossible to me now....I wish I could!

  11. and in America you have the most gorgeous breakfast spots ever...this could be a good reason to wake up early!