January 6, 2011

Lunch at Macy's

While in Flagstaff Scott and I went on a lunch date to Macy's vegetarian restaurant. For years I've heard about Macy's, and how amazing their food is. So when we decided that we were actually going to Flagstaff, we knew we had to eat at Macy's.

Look at all the snow! It was in the thirty's and windy this day!

Macy's is not only famous for their food, but for their coffee and vegan pastries as well. Scott and I figured that since we were already there, we had to indulge in both as a lunch starter.

Macy's is a pretty tiny place, and most of the sitting was pretty full this afternoon. We were pretty lucky though to grab a nice table by the window.

We got a cranberry almond scone, and a regular cup of coffee. Both were delicious, and definitely lived up to all the hype.

For lunch we both had the special, grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup.

This meal was by far the best grilled cheese and tomato soup combo we both have ever had. The bread was thick, and the soup was extra warm and delicious. We both couldn't put down our sandwiches, and spoons until we were done. We both would definitely recommend this combo to anyone able to visit Macy's.

It was really neat to finally get to go to a place I've heard so much about for so long, and we will definitely be going back next time we are in Flagstaff.

Are you a big grilled cheese and tomato soup fan? I really disliked tomato soup for years, and years, and have only grown to love it over the last three years or so.


  1. Oh my goodness. Tomate soup + grilled cheese is my all time favourite. I can eat it every day {and often do!}

  2. grilled cheese and soup is my favorite combo! love a great grilled cheese! :) This looks amazing. Thanks for Sharing!

    i wander, i wonder

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE tomato soup. I have this incredible recipe for the soup and grilled cheese croutons. My boyfriend and I love it during lazy days or winters. :]

  4. i have to admit, im super picky about tomato soup! if it isnt very good, it just tastes like hot ketsup :(

    but grilled cheese = LOOOOVE!!!!!! could eat it for every meal!!!! ive never been to flagstaff, but its definitely on my list. will have to check this place out!

  5. Oh my goodness I just moved to Flagstaff and I will definitely have to go get that lunch you two had it looks mouth watering! I've only been there a couple of times for coffee but it's one of my favorite places to go! Your outfit is absolutely adorable by the way. xoxo

  6. Ooh, now I know where to find vegetarian food in Flagstaff. :D Thanks, Chelsea! Food looks delish.

  7. what a warm post..makes me want to enter this place and have a cozy break!
    I've never tried tomato soup...I normally prepare soups, but with mixed vegetables, like onion+potato+celery+carrot, or only beans and onion or only peas and onion+ or chickpeas!with a little bit of good olive oil to serve it!
    I adore winter for this as well!(and for other million things, like sofa+tv, snow,realx at home, hot chocolate..etc!)