January 12, 2011

Matt's Big Breakfast Take 3

Before my meeting downtown last week Scott and I got breakfast at one of our favorite spots, Matt's Big Breakfast. Matt's is famous for their amazing food, tiny seating area, and timely waits to get in. Fortunately, we went early enough that we didn't have to wait at all and just walked right in.

Scott and I both decided to have the special, eggs benedict and home fries. I had never tried eggs benedict before, so I figured it was about time. I'm not much of a ham person (heck, I'm not much of a meat person), but I did like the meal. I really just wanted to dip the warm english muffin in the holiday sauce and eat just that, but I figured it would be a sin to let the other food go to waste.

Scott also really enjoyed his eggs benedict, and the coffee too. I'm pretty sure we each had two cups, and I could probably have gone for a third. Hopefully we'll be able to go to Matt's more during the semester, as we both have most mornings off.

Are you a breakfast person? I definitely am! My whole life I've had low sugar problems, so when I get up in the morning I always have to eat something so I'm not grouchy and can properly function. What's your favorite breakfast food?


  1. yeaaaaaaah!
    I love breakfast(Ilove food in general! but most of all, I love to have food with my husband!)
    but when you say breakfast in your country it's something different...you use to have something stronger than italian breakfast.yours is like a lunch!!!!
    but I definitely love your food style too!!!
    In Italy lots of people drink espresso strong and short coffee and pastries(cornetto or sfoglia) in a bar or pasticceria.
    I used to do the same since I discovered to be celiac and so I had to say stop to pastries...so
    normally we use to have breakfast at home, maybe with bread and nutella, with a yogurt, a cup of tea(I love tea with a thin slice of lemon, but lately I'm in love with milk+tea as well!), or just caffelatte with my fav cookies!Sometimes milk with corn flakes...or a toast(when we say toast, in here, this means: two slices of squared bread with cheese and prosciutto cotto ham, grilled alltogether in TOSTAPANE!(this is something italians use to eat for lunch, afternoon break or dinner as well!...especially when you have no ideas for dinner!)
    my husband is more BREAD+SALAMI or BREAD+JAM or BREAD+HAM oriented, with fresh orange juice or apple juice!

  2. You're cute for calling Hollandaise sauce 'holiday sauce' :)

  3. i adore the squared off coffee mugs & the bright orangey/red table tops!
    & I think that I will be calling Hollandaise sauce Holiday sauce from now on. ❤

  4. This is the one place that my friend's are dying to take us too when we head to Phoenix the 28th! Excited to try it!

  5. yum! I don't like a big breakfast usually, but every once in a while it's nice! I actually like to eat breakfast food for dinner sometimes too :)

  6. yummy! this looks soo good! i only have time to eat a big breakfast on weekends! and one of my fave places is first watch - this place reminds me of it!!

  7. I just had breakfast there this morning!!!!

  8. I neeeeeed to go here, seriously, I tell myself this every single time you post about it. Now that I have TWO jobs (I'm working up to a post on that later!), I've promised Ryan a weekly date at a different restaurant each week. I can't wait to try Matt's!

  9. I've definitely driven past matt's several times before, but I've never actually eaten there... that needs to change, especially because I live like ten minutes away from it.... ;]

    <3 Deanna

  10. i love matt's - so yummy, and cute. and i'm totally a breakfast person too.

  11. breakfast is my favorite meal, for sure!

  12. I love breakfast, I just usually don't have time to cook it. That breakfast looks delicious!


  13. if i wasn't a breakfast junkie before getting all wedded, i am now. the boy LOVES his breakfast. i love me some granola, good yogurt and fruit. i could it every.day. yep.

  14. As a kid, I once ate 7 eggs Benedicts at a buffet. Surprisingly, they are STILL one of my favorites!

  15. I definitely need to get to Matt's. My fiance and I have wanted to try it for a while now, and I think this was the motivation I needed. Breakfast is good any time of the day.

    Can you recommend a yummy Mexican restaurant in the area? We haven't found one we like, yet.


  16. I love breakfast...love french toast ;)


  17. Kristin- Thanks!

    Strawberrygirl- Loved your comment! Your breakfasts sound amazing!

    Anon- Oh thanks :]

    Punk- Thanks darling!

    Yesterday's- You're coming to PHX? How neat! Hope you make it to Matt's!

    Kristin- I love brinner as well :]

    Daisy- Thanks!

    Sandy- There is a First Watch in Phx!

    Celine- Oh I just love it there!

    Kara- Yay for dates!

    Deanna- You should definitely try Matt's soon!

    Angela- Yay for breakfast people! So glad you like Matt's too :]

    Teacup- Glad I'm not alone!

    Breeanna- Hope you get to make some breakfast soon!

    Meredith- I love granola + yogurt + fruit as well! YUM!

    Carrie- Oh my, how did you do that and still love them? Amazing!

    Jonalynn- Ohh, mexican food is hard for me because I get such bad heartburn. My boyfriend really likes Mucho Gusto, and Serranos is good as well! Oh, and I love Burrito Co. in Ahwatukee! Hope that helps :]

    J'Adore- Me too!