January 21, 2011

Urban Cookies V 3.0

For weeks now I've been craving something sweet from Urban Cookies. The other day I saw a tweet from UC stating that they had lemon/citrus shortbread and right then and there I knew Scott and I had to go asap. Well, since Scott knew how much I wanted to go he asked me on a mini coffee and cookie date in Phoenix (something that majorly brightened my day).

Since the last time we were at UC they have gone under some renovations. The cupcakes are now placed inside a glass case, and the boxes on the wall seemed a little better styled.

Scott and I decided that since we hadn't been to UC in so long we needed to not only get a cookie (or two) but also a cupcake (or two).

Lemon and Chocolate Velvet.

Citrus shortbread and a mixture of dark chocolate, nuts, oats (?) and other amazing things.

Scott and I definitely shared, and enjoyed the beautiful weather out on the patio.

This cookie was almost as big as my face, almost.

It's safe to say that we both thoroughly enjoyed ourself. There aren't many things that make me more happy than a cookie and a cupcake, especially when they are accompanied by my favorite guy.

If you're ever in Central Phoenix, I highly suggest trying out Urban Cookies.

What's your favorite cupcake flavor? Cookie?


  1. My favorite cookie flavor is sugar cookie or a nice big snicker doodle. yum! those cupcakes and cookies looked delicious! It looked like you had a good time! :D

  2. wow, i don't know how you eat so much delicious'ness as you do (or seem to) and stay so slim...hehe, lucky girl!!

    i love warm chewy oatmean raisin cookies, mmm!! and cupcakes, the rainbow chip vanilla!

  3. Gingerbread cookies are my favorite! I also love a good chocolate chip cookie... but who doesn't? My favorite cupcake would have to be carrot. I love carrot cake!

  4. urban cookies is so delicious... this post is tempting my new no-sugar resolve :)

  5. Yet another place I've driven past thousands of times and never actually been to. This needs to stop, next time I pass UC I'm going in.

    <3 Deanna

  6. what a cute little place for a cute little couple!!!
    have a great weekend. xo