February 24, 2011

Agritopia Farm Stand

Farms in the city are few and far between, but sometimes it's since to go out to Gilbert and vist the Agritopia development where they have a farm stand, The Coffee Shop, and Joe's Farm Grill. Not too long ago Scott and I decided to stop at The Coffee Shop for a sweet treat, and thought it would be nice to check out the Agritopia farm stand while we were there.

Grey cardigan: Banana Republic; Black cardigan: Levi's; Flannel: Nordstrom's Rack; Jeans: Levi's; Mary Janes: Dansko

Lately the sun has been warm and I have found myself yearning to travel to a small town to enjoy a nice walk, shopping time in cute boutiques, and lunch at an amazing sandwich shop. I have been thinking that a small town in Colorado, Steamboat Springs, would be perfect. It is one of my favorite towns in Colorado, and somewhere I've spent quite a bit of time in. If only I could take a jet plane there for the day!

Citrus is in an abundance here in Arizona, and I just love when all the citrus trees are in season. Last year Scott and I went venturing around an orange grove near where I went to high school. We didn't take any oranges, but I was so tempted to pick a juicy orange off the tree. My absolute favorite farm though, Schnepf Farms, has peach trees and last year Scott and I went and picked peaches. I'm hoping that this year we have time to do that again.

Life lately has been busy. Last weekend was my cousin's wedding, and this week I am getting ready to start study for mid-terms, and continually working on some writing projects. I still can hardly believe that it's almost March! Where has the semester gone? Pretty soon I'm going to be wearing a cap and gown, Anthropologie dress underneath, and walking the line to get my diploma! WOW! For the last year I have been saying I want a pretty dress from Anthro to rock on graduation day. I guess it's time to start the hunt!

Do you have many farms in your area? What kind of fruit is produced in your area?


  1. For oranges, grapefruit or lemons, you can't beat B & B in Mesa. They are an old family farm and they produce the biggest and best fruit anywhere. Their oranges are the size of large grapefruit and sweet.....ooooooh, your makeing me hungry for one right now. I got a lemon there one time that was bigger than most grapefruit. I made lots of stuff with that one!

  2. aw this looks so fun, and i am so jealous of the beautiful weather. you look fabulous, love the shirt & the cuffed jeans, oh yeah and the shoes too! you're the cutest!

  3. You're giving my fiance and I all kinds of great places to visit!

    Is the Downtown Public Market worth checking out?