February 10, 2011

Brosenbrus Cafe

For the past few weeks Scott and I have been driving by this new coffee shop, Brosenbrus Cafe, that is near the Tempe Arizona State University campus. The other night, when it was bone chilling cold out, we decided to stop in for an evening latte.

Usually we don't go out for coffee so late, but this evening we were both tired and needed to get some homework done, so we figured a little pick-me up latte would be ok (we even shared it).

Brosenbrus Cafe is fairly new, and the inside is filled with DIY tables, and a few chic touches. While there Scott and I spoke with one of the baristas and he explained how they made all the tables out of wooden pallets, and told us exactly how they made them. Scott has worked with pallets before, so it was interesting to hear about how others are using them.

Do you ever go out for coffee in the evening? What do you usually get?


  1. I like Scott's antlers! Those tables are neat! I love stuff like that. It's such a great idea to reuse materials.

  2. I also enjoy those antlers. So funny. It seems like all the places you eat at or grab coffee at have the cutest interiors! I can't ever have coffee late at night, unless it's decaf. I'm super sensitive to caffeine, though I always crave a cup.

  3. That looks like such a cute place! Most of the coffee shops around here are dark and moody. But there's this one that has great acai green tea - I always have to get it!


  4. The logo on their cups is cute! I will have to go by sometime!

  5. Kuleigh- haha I do too! They cracked me up!

    Kaitlyn- We are fortunate to have some really cute places around here :] Scott is really sensitive as well, but me, not so much haha

    Catherine- MMM that green tea sounds so good!

    Yesterday's- You definitely should! It's a neat place!