February 7, 2011

Bumble Bee Layering

Lately I've been thinking a lot about traveling. I've spent a good portion of my life traveling. I been to every state on the West Coast, plus a few in the Midwest, New York, and Hawaii. I've also done a little traveling over seas, and have visited England, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Spain. It's been a few years since I've gone on a really good trip, and would love to head to somewhere fun this summer.

Cardigan: Target; Black tank top: Roxy; Striped t: H&M; Jeans: Levi's; Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

I've been wanting to make a trip up to the Northwest, specifically the Seattle area where my mom is from. I have a lot of family up there, and I would love to spend some time in a place that is near, and dear to my heart. Its been many years since I was there last, and I would love to show Scott around. Right now I am thinking that we could go to a million coffee shops, hang out at the Puget Sound, and wandering around Pike Place Market.

Other than Seattle, I would really love to go to Portland. I was there a few years ago and fell in love with city. I think their public transportation is amazing, and being around that amount of water always makes me feel more like my self. Also on my list is: San Francisco, California (I have family there, and Katie lives near by), Austin, Texas, Grand Rapids, Michigan (family near by and I would love to meet-up with Tieka), and Boston, Massachusetts.

Do you have an upcoming travel plans? What's your dream place to visit?


  1. You've got a big country to travel in! I live in Ireland and went to Finland twice last year so would love to visit again this summer. Also, I've never been to the states and I'd like to visit my friend in Baltimore.

    Cute layering, I really want a yellow cardie now.

  2. I'm going to Cuba March 1st...but that's more of a vacation then a place to travel to. In terms of travelling I would love to see more of the beautiful country I live in. I unfortunately have never been out west or out east here...I'd love to go to British Columbia (west) & Prince Edward Island (east) also there's a million places in the states I'd like to visit as well. I'm dying to go to San Fran & NYC.

  3. Daw, you're so adorable. I love this layering! I'm heading to LA this month and then to Austin next month! My dream as of right now is definitely Spain or France because I'm a Spanish major and I'm also taking French! :) I also really want to go to Seattle! The line up for the music festival Sasquatch was just posted and that might have to be my excuse to head out to Washington :P

  4. The back of that blouse is so cute! I'd love to go to Seattle and the west coast since I'm an east coast native but touring the Mediterranean is my dream vacation!

  5. Hi Chelseaaaa!!!I am a new reader and I AM FROOOM GREECE!!!When did you come here and where did you go???
    As a new follower I want to tell you that I like very very much your blog and you are both really really sweet...xexe


  6. Oh so much fun!! Can you guys please go to seattle? Its my favorite city in the entire world..and as you probably know already, it is AMAZING! Scott would love it so much. I hope you get to travel more. It truly is the best thing someone could do. I wanna go to all the places you have listed too, hehe. You look gorgeous lady. I love yellow on you and those booties are so cute!! I am obsessed with jeffrey campbell shoes!

  7. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog from over at Kristine. Or Polly, and I'm glad I did! You are super adorable. I love that black top you are wearing, with the criss-cross back. Its really unique. Really cool.

    I wish I traveled more. I think my number one places I wanna visit are London and Greece. But in the U.S I'd love to see San Francisco. You should definitely visit Boston. I just moved here not too long ago and I love it :)


  8. I live in Seattle. Come visit! I love your blog!

  9. Seattle is lovely! I'm actually planning on moving their after college. For the last two years of college I"ll reside in Berkeley, California. I love both of those areas. Both places are so clean with wonderful culture. Ah.

    I'm envious of your traveling experience! Europe!? Please tell me it is as lovely as I imagine?

  10. i love this outfit - esp the mustard yellow cardi. it looks so comfortable too!

    travel plans...nothing anytime soon. traveled lots in january so im happy to have the finace come see me this time!

  11. loove your yellow and stripes :)

  12. Really love that bumble bee look! So cute. My bf and I are seriously working on taking a roadtrip up to Richmond, VA so we can hang out in DC while we're up there.

    How in the world have you traveled all over the world? I'm very jealous, but also happy you've seen so much of this beautiful planet.

  13. The Wrong Girl: I know, there are so many neat places to visit in the states! Hope you get to visit your friend sometime soon! :]

    Teacups: Cuba? Oh my! Have fun and be safe! PS My grandma is from BC!

    Claggie- Sounds like you have some traveling to do! Have fun in Austin!

    Kuleigh: Hope you get to visit out West sometime!

    Kathy- Thanks dear! I was in Mykonos and Athens!

    Kate- I really hope to go to Seattle soon! <3333

    Holly- Thanks for following my blog :] Boston seems amazing, and I'm so glad that you like it there! I can't wait to visit someday!

    Maritza- Awwh thanks dear! I'll let you know when I make my way up there!

    Laura- Moving to Seattle seems like a dream to me! You're going to love it!

    Ilene- Hope your guy comes to see you soon!

    Mandy- Thank you!

    Libby- Agreed haha

    Kaitlyn- Visiting DC sounds awesome! You're going to have so much fun! And thank you! It's truly been a blessing to travel so much<3