February 13, 2011

Burrito Co.

Scott and I recently went on a little lunch date to one of our favorite mexican restaurants, Burrito Co. in Ahwatukke. Burrito Co. has THE best burritos and tortilla chips in the area. When I go there I usually get the veggie mixto (beans, lettuce, rice, and sour cream), and Scott kind of bounces back and forth between a few different things he likes.

That day he got tortilla soup and a chicken burrito.

Scott and I have been going to Burrito Co. for years now, and I am convinced it's the only good place to get a burrito from (way better than Chipotle).

Do you have a favorite burrito spot in your town?


  1. SO GLAD you blogged about this, because I had never heard of it!


    PS...I want to come to the AZ get together that you and Roo are putting together.

  2. So jealous. The only Mexican we have worth talking about is chipotle and taco bell. No lie. Every other place we've tried is worse than taco bell. :( but the next time we're in Arizona, we'll have to try burrito co!

  3. Ohhh delicious! I love burritos! We usually go to Illegal Petes in Denver! They have the best fish burritos. ♥

  4. Yum! I want burritos now. Actually..I just want to come visit you haha. Cant wait to see pictures from your vday tomorrow (please take some, I know they would be amazing!) You two are the cutest!!! x

  5. yum yum yum! this looks amazing :) i absolutely love mexican!

  6. mexican food is our favorite. the best place in our town, at the mall. beats out any restraurant and it's cheaper. win win.

  7. we don't really have any great "burrito places" in town, but we have a killer mexican restaurant downtown that we go to all the time called Casa Tina. They do great vegan options.

  8. Ohh this looks yummy. I just finished dinner and now I'm hungry again haha.

  9. Lauren- Let me know if you check it out and like it! PS Counting you in!

    Katie- Next time you're here lets go to Burrito Co!

    Jihee- Sounds yummy!

    Kate- I can't say this enough, I certainly love and adore you! Promise to take photos! You too missy<333

    Little- So do I!

    Erin- That's so funny!

    Robyn- I LOVE that they have vegan options! After I eat burritos I'm usually a little sick (dairy and acid reflux problems), but a vegan burrito would be amazing I'm sure!

    Jamie- haha sorry!

  10. Ahh we went there last night! I always get the #12 with guac! Yuuumy!

  11. Yum! I love burritos. I have to confess, my favorite spot happens to be in a food cart, BUT I live in Portland, OR and our food carts are legendary. xoxo

  12. oh, i love burritos. need to visit this place.

  13. Mmmm, I'll definitely have to try that place... sounds delicious! My favorite burrito place has to be Carolina's. There is one in downtown Phoenix, and they just built a new one in Peoria, like 5 mins from my family's house! Happy Valentine's Day!