February 26, 2011

Chandler Adventure

Last month I recieved this amazingly cute shirt from Spotted Moth and immediately took photos with it. Well, with the craziness of school, keeping up with daily posts, working for State Press, etc., I plum forgot to share the photos I took with it styled.

Photosynthesis Blouse: c/o Spotted Moth; Jeans: Levi's; Shoes: Sperry's

Scott and I took these photos next to the abandoned house we visited in Chandler, Arizona. The house was a bit spooky for me (and full of bees) so we figured taking photos away from it would be our best bet. No bee stings for us!

This weekend I am up to my neck in homework, and have to finish so much reading before the weekend is out. I also have a few blog posts to work on, and will (hopefully) be shooting an Arizona State University baseball game on Sunday for my photojournalism class. I am really hoping I can stay focused through this whole weekend, and will come out a less stressed out person on Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, stress-free weekend!


  1. cute! love the shirt, it looks very breezy and comfy. good luck with all your work, i feel for you- this coming week is midterms for us.

  2. Amelia- Thank you so much! Good luck on your midterms!

  3. Good luck on your tests! I'm sure you'll look great taking them. :-)

    Love that shirt, but my heart belongs to your boat shoes. LOVE!

  4. The shirt is so lovely!!! Looks so cozy, but put together.

    Good luck with everything school-wise! Seems our system (in Canada), is different, because our reading break just ended! You'll get through it!

  5. Louise- Thank you so much!

    Gabriella- Awwh, thank you! <33

  6. I absolutely love this casual outfit! And I need some Sperry's...yesterday.